Perseverance Pays

Oops keeping it real, no lights out here and just rounded a workout 

My people, hear me oh – Perseverance Pays. Let me share a little giddy giddy while cooling down this pumped up adrenaline.

You should, I guess, (if you hop around this street often, know how fan cum fanatic I am with exercise… whichever oh) remember my love for early morning workouts. These moments are so precious to me that I hate skipping them for any reason whatever especially the lousy ones . You know, these do such magic to my mind and mass (being the matter I swag around in), that I feel guilty, frustrated, sad,shameful and even angry at any and myself included if I miss out.

Yesterday morning,  after almost a week of ‘disruption due in part to traveling for work, I realized to my embarrasment that I had lost so much of my skipping groove. You needed to see me silently cry out loud as I painfully skipped 30 or less at a go.. I cheered myself up and promised tomorrow will be a better day.

When I got up today @ 4.28 am (that internal clock beats the alarm by 2 secs) and realized Eneo (Nepa for my Nigerian peeps) had done it again, I wasn’t to be discouraged. I relied on the torch of my phone and went onto the veranda. Some warm up and first go at the rope… 100 non stop. Oh I was happy. Next skip, 150. Say fired? Two more 150s and a final 200 skips at a go. Isn’t this a good enough pay for perseverance  my people?

Dear You and You and You, currently battling whatever oh my whichever ‘demon’ both big and small… please don’t give up. It may not be overnight like my skipping  groove, and yes there may be numerous relapses… even with these workouts I’ve been there to many to count…

Wishing us merry and merrier as the season’s fever pitches…

Love from mosquitoes and sweat… well here is my son’s picture to add to your chuckle

Taken in my office yesterday, he goes by gentleboy for now says he

5 thoughts on “Perseverance Pays”

  1. Maria, you are such a dedicated woman. That’s why you inspire me so much. Thanks for the message in your message. I needed it. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.

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