Home alone with my boys: one of my best Christmas ever

Dear world, some like it hot some like it cold. I wanted it calm with just my boys and I got that 95%.

We have our granny and her guest, but that just made it calmer and really just us to do it as we wish.

Trees and wrapped gifts have not been a tradition here, just singing carols and telling stories. We visited two families, one yesterday and the other today. One of such wasn’t pleasant, too long and near boring for us, but the second today was cool.

As we lay down to sleep today, I am conscious of how far I have come and how lucky I and we all are to wrap the year this silently and holy..

Wishing us all loads


10 thoughts on “Home alone with my boys: one of my best Christmas ever”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your boys. The best part of Christmas is spending time with family. I’m glad you had a good time with your boys.

    Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season. 🙂

  2. I am SO happy you got that 95%, dear friend! I’m thrilled you spent this time with your boys, your Granny and her guest. We didn’t have a tree either! 😉

    We got the girls presents, but it was clear that we have created two spoiled little beasts – I seriously think next year I’m taking them to volunteer to feed the homeless on Christmas Day because they don’t know how fortunate they are.

    Sorry to go off topic, honey. That’s too bad that one of your visit was long/boring but at least the other one was cool!

    Sending you lots of love and Lucy howls to you “Hello Gorgeous!”!!!!
    Lady Dy

    1. And guess what, my boys at least the first two took some charge here. David made a wonderful fruit salad all by himself, we only went together to the market to buy what he needed, and Alain made fried plantains eggs. I equally went out with a friend for a drink at night and that was like some me time to top it all. This Christmas without all the usual fuss has really been one of my best if not the best. Glad you think of taking the girls to some other reality. A few years back I took the boys on Christmas day to an orphanage. Loads of all to you all

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