Why There is Victory in Vulnerability

… But the theme of the service was more than “home.” It was about those moments in our lives when we feel as if everything is being rearranged on the inside; times when Faith and Trust and Surrender are the best paths to take… With these lines taken from Greg’s post, I reblog in all gratitude to Greg for sharing his journey and his quest with us all 🙂



Being a “Signs From The Universe” junkie has its charms. How can I resist making a wish upon the sight of 11:11 on the clock? Or, when a streetlamp goes on or off above me, I cannot help thinking that I must be vibrating at an optimal frequency. And sure, there are lovely moments of synchronicity—like, say, when you’re musing about the best way to get your book optioned by a movie studio, and you are working on the film treatment, and you happen to find yourself sitting next to the COO of a major movie studio in the chilly outskirts of a suburban Chicago Starbucks.

Yeah, things like that.

I gong bath often. That helps, too.

My atheist friend says I should be on 10 milligrams—of anything. I say, I’ll just keep vibrating along. Life has been magical thus far … why would it stop being so now?

Ah, but…

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