Reading takes me roaming n roving: oh how therapeutic

Grace Revealed

Dear World, that’s what am currently reading. Aw that book rocks; it’s one of those taking me roaming n roving and me loves that.

You see, reading I hear is as valid to the brain as is exercise to the body. Gosh do I love reading. I just thank my stars for my SS H ero who got me that kindle for my birthday. Now each other birthday he don’t go look far for a gift… an amazon gift card of even 10 euros is more than gold for me. And all others out there who ask I tell them to get me a gift card… how smart right? That way I have e-books to last a life time while saving my own cash to buy those of my special e-buddies like Dyane’s and Linda’s which I await with trepidation.

Imagine visiting so many countries and settings and all in that santa clause speed 🙂 Ain’t that roaming??? Imagine finding you have similarities with people so far away from different cultures and etc etc; imagine realizing they are just ordinary human beings like you with their own daily life struggles regardless of them being “Americans hailing from the super power and land of Milk and Honey” we all envy back in ours…

So I read, I try to review for the sake of appreciating the author’s efforts in writing (am one now so I can imagine what authors go through before, during and after that process of fingering words here and there); and then I share in all ways I can – hence I become a roving ambassador of what I read.

Reading is to me so therapeutic and I don’t strain my hearing one bit. To all those who love reading, here is an invisible toast 🙂

Indeed, I want to make all my four memoirs free for my birthday week starting on January 18th. More on that next week – at least that way we all can get those free kindle apps, download for free, and read especially when stress comes knocking or traffic is hectic and you are in a cab etc:)


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