Aw: My Fourth and second toughest to write, now available on Kindle…

Walking the Talk, unravelling the me within in the process
Walking the Talk, unravelling the me within in the process

Boom Boom Boom, my team and I did it again. Published kindle a week to set date … Paper back will be right on time. Big big hurray to us… How grateful am I to all and sundry who contributed in whatever way. I mean I acknowledge you all in there, but I must mention Amy Gamble who so selflessly and speedily wrote the memoir, and my fair Lady Dyane for her soulful blurb.

Talking about my lady Dy, her recent post on Wrting Heals Her Brain, frankly  joins a few other reasons  to  illustrate the euphoria with write I type away. Imagine’ chemotheraphy’ for Trauma, Pain, Shame, Guilt, Fear, you name them. Now I got the talent, I got the courage, I got the zeal, I got the boost, and I even got a small  but precious audience… hmm I can’t describe it all can I?

This is the fourth memoir in two years. The second toughest to write after the first one:

My Mea Culpa
My Mea Culpa

I am not spilling more out of the bag; don’t worry if you can’t afford it at it’s listed price of 3.99 this week. I have enlisted all my four memoirs for a free book promotion to run from the 18th (my b-day) to the 21st of January.

I am honoured and humbled to have come this far. I mean I feel victorious, like Greg wrote in his recent post on Victory in Vulnerability. Oh my, this lady who once felt life had no meaning anymore, it’s all there in this one:

I am a tough woman by my own standards, and I'll keep affirming that until I become tougher!
I am a tough woman by my own standards, and I’ll keep affirming that until I become tougher!

I wish us all a happy Sunday and toff my hat to all the writers in the house 🙂 Next week I share two  chapters hopefully on some of my worst fears marred by my mental challenges 🙂

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

10 thoughts on “Aw: My Fourth and second toughest to write, now available on Kindle…”

  1. What I would give for your prolific writing talents, my friend. I’m so amazed by you!!!! Thanks for the shout-out!!! I am beyond proud of you for creating this memoir “What Is the Worst Case Scenario?”. I also want to thank you for sharing my dear friend/mentor/former boss Greg Archer’s post!

    I look forward to sharing your tweets about the book release in the weeks to come. Much love to you, beautiful Marie!!!
    Lady Dy

    1. Aw my lady, am I thrilled by your cheer, I even hear Lucy’s whoop whoop whoop 🙂 Way to go darling, your’s will rock I can tell. Greg’s post and his memoir which am still reading rock too 🙂

  2. 2016 is indeed a year for women of stubborn and passion driven faith to make more achievements. We are proud of you all the way because you remain an emblem to the best that is left in the remains. Its an inspiration, Its strength, Its courage, Its devotion, Its hard work, Its success… I see in this woman fearlessly empowered by life and her 3 D’s to make it happen, irrespective of circumstances. Congratulations Marie.

    1. Aw Amy you flatter me beyond measure. You know you are one of those power women too right? Thank you so much for your comments on all my posts especially this day. I thank you too for the platform you’ve so generously offered me time and again to share my various passions. Looking forward to more 🙂

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