Never treat someone as a priority when …


I love Maya Angelou and everything she shared in her books and life etc; I hold in very high esteem. But let me state that sometimes, many times, experiece though a harsh teacher is the best you can get. I mean, the lesson you learn from Teacher E, sticks and lasts hopefully a good while unless you learnt while under the influence of …

So, now I love using personal talk to illustrate my posts. After all my blog is about my thrilling life …

I got a vip class yesterday by good ol Oga E, wherein I got to marvel at the beauty of the above quote…

Let’s call my small oga k, he invites me almost with rain drops , then lets me sit over at a table with a drink for a startling 2 hours and 55 minutes all by myself. Yes I am honest and admit to my own embarrasment that I was a big time OPTION yesterday.

I had made the date my priority for the afternoon after spending the first part visiting my son in boarding school. It was an emotional and slightly difficult visit, and I was glad for the time under a mango tree bar with a drink and some breeze.

So, when oga said to be patient while he sat three tables away with friends sharing drinks and talking whatever, I was glad to be alone with my drink and kindle reading my cool away.

1st hour was thus happy hour – sort of treating myself at his bill;

but 2nd became learning tolerance and patience hour – sort of taming myself at his benefit;

The next 55 minutes were spent dealing with my rising frustration and anger and deciding on how best to deal with the situation – sort of dealing and healing myself to his advantage and mine ofcourse 🙂

option 2

I learnt a lot yesterday, and was glad I left when I did and handled it oh so calm for real. I realized I had all along been an option, and the whassap exchanges shortly before I left, confirmed just that. None followed when I left, not that I cared. I have a lot going on my life just now to really make serious space for any T, D or H…

The deal for me is SIMPLE, I get to continue on my free lane:



11 thoughts on “Never treat someone as a priority when …”

  1. Interesting!
    A coincidence I am talking on ‘Anger Management’ this Saturday as from 10am live on LTM TV. How is your schedule? Can you be our guest? Thanks for dropping your confirmation via email. All the Best.

    1. Dear Amy, sorry I sent the reply here, just clicked sent on my phone before reading properly. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your soulful comments. Will respond to them one after the other and will equally send you an email 🙂

  2. How awful to invite you out, zit tables away and ignore you. I wouldn’t have stayed as long as you did.

    My landlady treats me similarly….interrupts a conversation we are having to answer her phone, walk out of the room….whatever. Looking forward to manifesting a way to move on.

  3. Girl, I am not an option!
    I am Miz Priority with a Capital “P” that also stands for “Princess”
    And as far as I’m concerned, you’re a Queen!!!!!
    Princess Dy
    …..and Lady Lucy

      1. It is a vip resolve I made to try as much as I can to deal and heal asap. 55 minutes for that purpose was good given my own record. Now am merrily on to what or who next …

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