When did saying Thank you become any ackward?


Dear World, today is Friday and wow I am so grateful for having survived this week.


I mean having to go pick up your son from boarding house and seeing how much weight he’s lost in the 3 weeks since you last saw him, getting him tested and found to be suffering from thypoid, malaria and some nasty cough, and with his morale so low, even my own frail health vanished from my mind or body.


And yet, I am seriously truly very grateful. So thankful to my God, my Stars, my Faith, my Friends, and of course last but not the least my Family both on and offline 🙂

I am known by many to love saying Thank you. Sometimes I am asked, “Thank You again for what”? I mean it could be just for you being there even over the phone to listen to me you know 🙂

Recently, I paid for a service no doubt, but civil servants especially are known to work ‘so hard’ to serve you ‘millions requesting their service’. So when I got what I needed asap, I called back to say another Thank you. I was made to feel ackward, but I just smiled. I know how hard it is for some to say this simple two words, I never heard many growing up although I sure did render so much sollicited and unsollicited service… and yes even for the diservice which teaches lessons, we can and ought to still be grateful.

gratitude 1

To crown my week and grateful spirit, I found something oh my so big to share right now. On Monday I thought I wasn’t ready for that just yet although I so badly longed and craved for one… my whole body is crossed for all to go well this afternoon… will let us all in later


No doubt I am such a happy person. Even when am so low, I know it shall come to pass and I try to stay close to my bliss and dream. And ofcourse close to positive and kindred spirit not toxic ones…

thank you

Wishing us all a happy weekend and lots of opportunities to be grateful for life… 2016 is afterall my year of GRATITUDE…

Dealing to a Hurray

3 thoughts on “When did saying Thank you become any ackward?”

  1. I hope your son returns to good health very soon, Bombo! Like you, I am always saying thank you to everyone and people look at me like why do I keep saying it, but I am grateful for everything; good, bad and ugly. Lots of love to you and the boys! ♥

    1. Dear Bombo, in moments like these, I just say thank you. I need all the serenity I can muster and I need all the Grace. I am getting both in the right proprtions and you can imagine how amazing right? He is much much better and will return to Boarding House today – more love to you and yours sweet

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