Love And Heart

Source: Love And Heart

I just read this post. Since reblog is taking like forever to load like it had no heart nor love for my circumstances, I saw I could share this awesome post otherwise…


Happy Valentines day to us all πŸ™‚Β 

3 thoughts on “Love And Heart”

  1. I just took a look over there! You were smart to think of another option apart from reflagging! :)))))) It’s a sweet, sweet picture and the words are beautiful.

    Right now I’m not feeling so full of love. I might blog about it – it’s not about my Mom stuff, but about a woman who unfriended me today on Facebook. What she did was very strange. Her behavior has always been a bit like my Mom to be honest! I’m sad and I cried over it. It helps me to read your blog. I’m trying to catch up with what I’ve missed and that makes me feel better. You’re in my heart, Marie, my fairy G!

    1. Sweet lady, and that too shall come to pass. Cry and then read some more. You have a heart and that is love 😍, it sure will get through those sad πŸ˜” emotions in its own time. Just give it gentle support. One thing I picked from a conversation yesterday: our time ⌚ here on earth is so limited we don’t even know how much we got. Hmm, you get that lady? So maybe I will start deciding ahead of time how Many seconds I give to toxic people, actions, reactions etc. Loads of love your Way

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