In moments like these am grateful for the energy to go fetch the water


Dear 🌍,  it’s been 5 days already since we (our entire neighbourhood) went without portable water. In my country Cameroon, one corporation has the monopoly to supply water to the whole nation. Same goes for electricity.


Imagine therefore when a pipe gets burst, especially in some outskirts of the city, and one even marked as harbouring die hard opposition members, of course the response can only be as good as dispatching oga tortoise to go check it out. As for electricity, let me not open that Pandora 💼.  Sometimes the switches for this area are deliberately (we’re told by reliable sources) switched off for weeks…

In moments like these, I am simply grateful for the energy to go fetch water.

Almost all used up already 😥

I did 3 rounds today with different buckets, bottles and even a
30litres gallon on my head. At least, the love I had for fetching pails and pails of water as a kid even when water was flowing at home, serves me now…😍😄

Dear all, be grateful for the water you have without pain other than paying. Here, we don’t even have the luxury of choosing between still or sparkling, and the bills you sometime get hmm…

Just back for more, making it 6 rounds for today. Am done 😨😱


10 thoughts on “In moments like these am grateful for the energy to go fetch the water”

  1. I know how you feel Marie. I was born in the country in Jamaica. We had no electricity or running water. As a child, I had to walk with my gran for half a mile to fetch water. It wasn’t fun, but it was a part of life so I got used to it.

    When I came to the UK, it was a luxury being able to take baths, showers and have an endless flow of water. This is something we take for granted. Like you said, we should be grateful for being able to get water on demand. And I give thanks for that, every morning.

    I hope they sort out the water issue over there soon. Have a blessed day.

    1. Well dear Junior, today is a public holiday here and tomorrow is Friday and we all know what civil service we can hope to get on a Friday. Now no need to dream of the weekend so that leaves us with Feb 15++ 😀

    1. Awesome bombo, the serenity and tranquillity I seek in this life, I often feel when carrying out such exercises. Sometimes there is buried the secret, some wouldn’t dare and so will miss the rare 🙂

      1. I agree with you, Bombo. There are certain tasks that I do which others would find mundane, but in them I find tranquility also. Keep finding that serenity, darling ♥

  2. WOW! I am grateful for the water, I am grateful for the water.!!!!!

    I’m going to dedicate my next glass, and the one after that, to you.

    I love your attitude about this — your humor pops in despite the fact that the lack of water (and ongoing electricity loss) sounds like a HUGE pain in the derriere, which gives you plenty of reasons to whine and be terribly negative and all that, yet you aren’t.

    I bought a lotto ticket this afternoon. If I win, you’re coming here for a vacation, all expenses paid by Lady Dy!

    1. Lady you make me dance… See sweet, there is so much whine and be negative about especially in this country, but I think of the seconds I have and say na look for the positive in there and spare your brow a wrinkle… 😄😍

      1. I know – it’s just hard because I didn’t think this woman would lash out at me the way she did. I felt spiritually attacked. At least she lives far away. And at least I have wonderful blessings to be thankful for – water, YOU, my family!!!!! Electricity!!!!! Come to think of it, every day I wake up in my own bed is an enormous blessing. Keep on dancing, my gifted friend. Let’s get you out here for a visit someday. Maybe I can win the California SuperLotto Plus lottery. I bought just one $1 lotto ticket yesterday. That lotto happens every Wednesday and Saturday night.

        You never know! I bought my friend Breshaun 16 lottery tickets for her 16th birthday, and she won $100.00!!!!!!!!!!

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