Our Big Boom Boom Big News

It says Message from the Son of God, that's from Alain my son

And oh my yes…  We have our own Home at last!!! Oh my… What a Valentine’s right?

Alain gave me this when I checked on him in his school, not knowing I hadn't finished the down payment for the rents and caution

This is how much faith we have, I proclaimed it before I saw it, I declared it ours before I made all down payment _ even when a few hours to closing the deal I hadn’t still gotten all the money needed In panicked not. Gosh I even left the house on Friday morning with cleaning stuffs and a mattress on which to spend my first night in our home, although I was yet to honour my word and sign the contract with the landlord at 4 pm. Talk of stubborn & passionate faith? I love my Lord so much because He is Almighty and Awesome and his Grace is always Amazing.

I came back to Cameroon in August 2014 to above all settle down at last with my boys in our own Home. I knew this will take time and there will be obstacles, but I had been through so much and I had cultivated patience to the point of almost renaming
myself 🐢

And so as it stands, I have the go ahead from X to collect my two boys when am ready ( call this big big victory). The three are super excited and have seen the apartment.

The two playing on the veranda a few hours ago while we waited for oga landlord

As faith and fate will have it, Alain and I chose it together last week when he he was out for ill-health. His brothers visited same two days later and loved it to. Oh my it’s even close to a river and fishing goes on there. Hmm, say someone will make friends with a fisherman or two right? I mean water cuts wouldn’t be my business anymore too right?

At 3.59pm ( no Magic cause I was counting the seconds), I got the exact amount needed for today…

Dear all, after 4 years in the wilderness, I finally returned home to my country. Six months later,  my boys and I have our home.

Just finished cleaning my rooming look for the night. The boys were dropped off at their dad's not far away

A home we will saturate with love, fun and some occasional fights, yet one am bent on making a safe haven and refuge.

There are two of such in the 🏡, how 😎

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound… I heartily thank you all who have been here with and for my modest person; I wish us all the best, do not give up on your dreams …

It took me 3 minutes to get to the river this Saturday morning

Sorry some pictures are whichever way… Sand is dug out for sale in our rivers. Fishing is at midnight till 4 am latest…


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