Those setbacks which could set one back

Dear world, when I look at how far I have come in life, hmm . Some doors were shut which am striving to open, others which were open but need to be closed, and the third door in my life currently is neither fully open nor closed.

Today especially, I feel like the biblical Moses asking my X husband to give me my sons. He like hail pharaoh had said yes, but changed his mind a few hours later. His latest pretext is that I dared come to take them to my new home without obtaining his ok. It was nearby and for a few hours only, and I told all I met at their house where I was taking them too.

On that Saturday morning when I went to pick them up for a few more hours, X was fuming and near eruption. I rang from downstairs in all innocence, and was told to wait for him in the car. Instead of coming and getting in so we talk like civilised people, he stood by my door and for 40 good minutes told me all he could get out of his running mouth. I just asked him as he kept threatening to remember who I was and not dare touch me. He got more enraged…

Anyway, after he fumed and was driving off, I walked right infront of his car, up to his house, and saw my children. He says he doesn’t want to see or smell me around, but those children are so much from me as him…

Ok, so I see them and calm them poor innocent should down and tell them I wouldn’t take them that day but that everything’s gonna be alright.

Their grandma was even around and tried to talk her son to reason or whatever. He screamed that if I wanted them, I should go to court. For crying out loud am not scared of going to my office. Am a lawyer for all purposes. Yet do I want to drag my boys through that? Nope, so am gonna be patient but I will have them that’s for sure – sooner than he could ever imagine…

The second setback concerns my moving out. This is personal to put it sane. Yet it’s inevitable and the down payment has been made. First impressions were almost misleading but helas each will have to learn to deal and heal and clean up their own shit.

I sincerely thank all those who shared in our joy last Friday, and am going to get it right peace or war: it’s their choice…

Wishing us all a nice week. The setbacks only make me stronger while giving me time and experience to plan better while taking more perpective…


17 thoughts on “Those setbacks which could set one back”

  1. Powerful story, Marie! It’s interesting that I’m currently reading the book of Exodus with ladies in my bible study. Pharaoh’s stubbornness resonated with me, so I’ll have to write about it soon. Take care & Best wishes!

    1. Dear Michelle, oops so sad I didn’t reply to your comment. Probably came when I was ‘down’. Indeed, 2000 years ago still plays out today. When did Pharaoh finally let the people go? Why? Will that be the same scenario in my case? Only time will tell. But I don’t envy pharaoh and his majestic self with stuffs of gold. These couldn’t save him both from losing his beloved son, nor from the red swa saga

  2. Bombo, stay strong love! He will calm down, and then back down. And I know you will fight for your boys no matter what! You’re doing amazing, and I loved to see you smiling in your new place. Much love, hugs and strength headed your way ♥ ♥

    1. Bombo sure all that too shall come to pass. Indeed that same evening I hear he calmed down and and tried to gain back some grace with the boys. I even went there this afternoon and did David’s homework with him. Both were thrilled I stopped

  3. I remember someone saying to me once that when you go through a lot of challenges, it’s because there is a breakthrough around the corner. And I also remember you saying that there is no test without a testimony. So, I believe your testimony is coming.

    I’ve always admired you for your strength. And I know that this will make you even stronger. So, I’ll just say you are a winner and always will be. God is in control.

    Have a blessed week Marie. 🙂

    1. Thanks June, yes Moses testimony is still told today in all versions. I learnt from a church In once attended that I should always in the midsts of setbacks say: “I know who I am, I know who my Almighty Father is…”

  4. Oh girl, I have much to share and support you all the way….sorry not to comment sooner. Expect an email tomorrow, I woke up here in the middle of the night, and I want to write you from my computer at a decent hour, and not using this tiny this Kindle! Xo xoxo xoxo!!!!!

      1. I have a weird insomnia where I go to be around 8:30 or 9 with Rilla (we cuddle together) and then I wake up around midnight and can’t sleep for 3, sometimes 4 hours. I eat too much sugar at bedtime, but still, it’s weird. I read, which is the best thing to do, but then I’m guilty of watching Netflix shows about murder and sex!!!!!! :000000 Such a guilty pleasure!!!! (they are Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and a BBC show called Midsomer Murders)

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