Forget Google maps if you are planning on visiting me: Here’s my new address


OK well the picture should be rotated, but bear with me I don’t know how to do that from this smart ass of a phone. Talking about phone, hmm I screwed up somehow and emm this me am a case…

So, phone added to my wahalas and I almost buried my head under my sheets today. Luckily I live by a river and lots of fresh air blows my way.

I managed to kick myself out at 7 am to go for a long walk discovering my neighborhood, and O got some energy to pack out or in whichever… I just wished I could write a better post… Anyway glad I can even write this one… My articulations on feet and hands plus even back hurt lots today …

So to visit me, forget Google maps period… From the airport or seaport whichever u take or can stand, hire a cab ( you wouldn’t bear to take our regular cabs which can pack 6 people going all sorts of destinations etc)…

Now read carefully, tell cab oga to take you to Terminus Bonamousadi… Say you are going by the river of… (Fill in the blanks with what you see on the picture). When you get to the roundabout at T, ask the okada guys for the Church of Later day saints… Before you get to that church, look closely on your right after the first entrance on your left, and you’ll see a large palm tree. There is a street lamp there, and a Mami who fries puff puff has her shade just next to that tree…

Ok enough for now, just call me when you are there. No whatsapp please there may just be no network… And oh at least no power cuts here nor burst pipes… Anyway am by a river and we can go fetch all the water we want on head, hand or even foot…

Please don’t be scared by my new address, I know in Brussels it was much easy but guys am back to Douala, Camer, Africa. Am also a good cook 🙂

So see you: thanks for reading, am glad managed to write something in moments like these…


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