Keep trying to step it up…

My mini gym, less the skipping rope

Dear world, it’s been a while and I have been awol… OK so far so so…

I have had them series of wahalas, and a knee trouble could only but top it all. This has been going on for a week now, and I moved out and into my home with a bandaged knee. At that time it was least of my worries anyway…

This morning, I feel much better. I mean I just finished a 40 minutes work out in my mini gym. Am trying to step it up. I got those for myself as a moving in gift from me. OK the bottles are actually filled with sand right!!!

I can’t skip yet and oh boy how I miss that. But thank heavens I can walk, even jogged some this morning, and I did 200 steps wow… On Monday when I first tried, it was 100 steps in 2 lots with near faint…

Am not only trying to step it up physically, but also mentally. I am assuring myself everything will work out fine in due time, all the worrying wouldn’t precipitate their occurrence. For example, I am not so sure I can get my boys for the last term of school, but I am already in their neighborhood, can talk to them often, can even see them daily if I want and can, and gosh I can even go there and help them with their homework. I did this again yesterday evening and we were all thrilled. I have already taken permission to have them over this weekend, and my bid to recruit an English home teacher for them is being studied…

Aren’t these blessings to be counted? Aren’t such enough and more reasons to keep trying to step things up?

Dear all, whatever we are going through now, no matter how tough, let’s try to hang in there. When we can, let’s try whichever way we can to step it up one step at a time. Let’s also remember to be grateful for all, and always try to cheer each other up…


9 thoughts on “Keep trying to step it up…”

    1. Hi sweet, thanks for the comment. It already is and am no longer having those painful massages nor wearing a knee cap. I just can’t skip yet but it’s already good enough I can do them steps. You know, there’s been proven to be a link between mental distress and physical strains. Being on drugs too for a long while can also cause other problems. Have a nice day

  1. I think you are doing great, Bombo! And yes, they are all blessings and reasons to keep stepping it up. So happy that your knee is better, and I love the mini gym you created for yourself! Keep doing your thing, girl, and I am right behind you with lots of love for you and the boys ♥

  2. You are doing SO SO SO well!!!!!!!!!
    I’m loving your workouts! I have knee troubles too. Have I told you about that stuff called arnica? I think I did. It’s not too much $ here (under $10 for the tiny homeopathic pills, I like the gel and that’s around $12) and it helps with knee pain if you can find it. XOOXOXOOXOOXOXO keep up that awesome attitude – you continue to inspire me!

    1. Lady, you told me about arnica. We don’t have that here. Am trying my best, and truly my life theme of having just a one way ticker here below, helps me a lot. I am in no rat race, maybe one race to holistic wellbeing as much as possible. Hence I try to keep away from wahala, or try to deal and heal as much as possible and quickly as I can. We def inspire and motivate each other that’s for sure. One of those items on my wish list is to visit Lucy on my way to Hawaii for my 40th birthday 🙂

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