How easily they make friends: Am yet to exchange any real greetings with their folks

Dear World, just a brief one. Life is so plain and simple at that age. We are three families in our building, and although I have said hi to the other two mothers before, I barely got a nod…, especially given am a single woman…

My boys already know their kids name and the ball I got two days ago is already put to good use as you can see…

Nostalgia huh…

Nice weekend to us all…

6 thoughts on “How easily they make friends: Am yet to exchange any real greetings with their folks”

    1. Well Bombo, the boys welfare is most important to me in that I am a mobile and happy with myself person. At that age I cherished being around people, friends and happenings’. Now, serenity tops my list, and I wouldn’t be bothered without a nod fr their mums. The boys are currently playing football again as I type.

      1. Your boys are so happy, and I am sure that makes you one happy Momma! Serenity is at the top of my list too, and probably why I cut so many people out of my life who took that away from me ♥

  1. Great video of happy times, no ulterior dumb stuff going on – that’s so wonderful your boys are friendly!

    Hopefully the moms will warm up to you – how can they resist the beautiful Fairy Godmother???

    We’ve lived on a dangerous (speeding cars) steep mountain road that has no sidewalks for 8 years. We moved here because it was cheap. So there is no community, there is no interaction at all. No one knows one another’s names here and I hope we can move someday to a safer, friendlier place.

    1. Hahaha lady. One of them did warm up this very afternoon. The boys ( mine and hers) behave like they know each other ages. The 3rd it seems has no kids. My boys take that after me for a fact and I encourage that you know. When life will turn them round, at least they’ll remember moments like these. I am grateful to be with them even occasionally, and to watch them just be. We later went for a walk by the river and the next thing is they beg for a canoe ride… Someday I can afford an hour or two… Here’s to hoping someday you guys can afford your ideal home and neighborhood 🙂

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