Letting it Be


There comes in time in life where the choices gets narrowed down…

Letting it be now or later…

No more beating myself up over what I’ll wear in five days…

Just letting it be till I get there…

No more fretting over who to call or expect a call from: just letting things be…

Indeed am neither weary of, nor scared to love: am just letting love be. It’ll get here when it does…

And that applies to life as is: I fairly think I have and am still trying my best and it seems it mustn’t always be to the last letter. And so in the meantime, while I live in all gratitude, I am letting life be…

One moment at a time, no more pressure to tick them all off as planned. Life has showed me some twists and turns, I am learning the hard and even mild way, to love Letting it Be…


5 thoughts on “Letting it Be”

    1. You know Bombo, I just realized I was trying some things the other way and at at first my spirit resisted. But then something in me urged to let it be, let it do its time and maybe that will work or a better equilibrium will be found. For example, I am a freak neat and organized person. Used to line out what to wear for the entire week over the weekend etc. I would park for a trip at most a week in advance u know… Am gradually letting things be, though no compromise with cleanliness 🙂

  1. Love this, I really needed to read it!

    it’s very hard to follow this excellent wisdom, but if I do follow it, I know it will help me so much!


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