In our Home: My friends and I


Hello world, am travelling again today to the east of Cameroon. When am travelling, I can write and read on the go – oh, how I so love that luxury…

The above note from Alain the first of my 4 best friends, and president of our 4 person team, aptly introduces our haven…


He is not the dedicated artist David is, but I still love that drawing. Indeed, both pictures above have been plastified and posted by the main door leading into the living room. No visitor can miss those …


The above is from our Shepherd and King: David. Our uprising artist friend. The calm, patient and emotional friend we are all blessed to have. He is the mediator par excellence, the referee in football matches, and the cleanest freak after: me of course…


For all my cleaning up and making our haven comfy and love full, I got the following from our Angel Gabriel…



Our yummy yummy angel G, is the one who reminds me most of the jolly Ayo of my childhood. Never has a second to bear a grudge or cry for a min more… Yes he is just him, let’s life be more fun and falls than otherwise, and hmm he can negotiate for his age especially when it comes to money or business issues. He says he wants to be a business man in future. Their tribe people, the “Bamilekes”, are known as the Jews in Cameroon ( no offence to my Jewish friends, rather a praise for your business nature)

Gaby (6 yrs oh) asked me for a coin as I dropped them off at their dad’s on Sunday. I gave him 50 frs, good enough for a candy. He said it was better if I rounded it up to a 100 frs. I asked why, he said given the current market prices, there wasn’t much he could buy with 50 frs. I asked him what he had in mind, and of course he mentioned something which cost 100 frs.


David will plead for crayons and colours and canson paper, and even recently started talking of paint brushes. Hmm, I wish he lived with my friend Pammy in Vermont… I would love for them to meet someday and talk painting, go to exhibitions and etc

And so it goes that in our home, my friends and I recognize the gifts we have especially that of having each other. I have a little upper hand being the sole bread and board provider for now, but I reproach with love and logic so as not to betray our special friendship. I taught them from babyhood to say “All for one and One for all”. I am so grateful for my musketeers and the team as such.

I once read Marala Scott’s memoir In Our Home”, and it was so traumatic I don’t think I will ever write a review… I also didn’t have the same kind of home growing up, like the one I am building today with my friends. And so I am ever conscious of the constant work needed to keep our home the safe haven and refuge we’ll always love to return to…

Wishing us all a happy midweek…


6 thoughts on “In our Home: My friends and I”

  1. What beautiful pictures – you are gorgeous, and your sons are so handsome – there’s a lot of artistic talent in your family.

    I’m happy that you’re building a home of love, which is what you all deserve so much. XOXOXOOOXXOOX Lady Dy

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