My Sister….

sister love

Dear World, I just got up to this wonderful brief but poignant tribute from my Bombo Serana Marie all the way in Texas. Yesterday was another of those mixed days for me, and I thought I could do with some empathy. When I read my Bombo’s recent posting, I knew she needed some too. I decided to call her and just hear her voice. We didn’t talk much, instead laughed much, and just reminded each other we were strong, had each other’s back, and will sure get past the current wave too… Thank you Bombo for writting this, I love you and hopefully will visit you in Texas some day:

My Sister, we call each other Bombo (both having the same name), in far away Cameroon, Africa read my post this morning and knew I needed some cheering up. She surprised me with a lovely phone call…

Source: My Sister….


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