Warming up to pay it forward


Dear 🌍,  that’s me 45 or so mins ago. I am warming up to pay it forward… This means it’s a positive payment right? And difficult one nonetheless as you’ll see. That’s why I need constant warm ups henceforth. I’ll commit to a daily 30 mins workouts for the next 3 months and then I’ll see how that goes…

Why warm up daily? I mean am a 3/week adept already, and although one hap or mishap can sometimes tamper with that routine, am trying my best… And sure, anyone who has tried, will agree me about the therapeutic sensations and effects derived from these workouts. I mean, Obama was quoted as saying: ” Give me my workout time, and my work time will be just wonderful”. As for Michelle O, gosh that skin of hers drives me with motivation…  Can you imagine the holistic wellbeing of these two?

And now, in addition to holistic wellbeing,  I find myself in a pay forward situation already. What’s to pay forward you may wonder? The help and support I got to be on this awesome path to a Big, Better and Brighter Merry Marie… It wasn’t easy, it still isn’t. But I sure am in and on it with all my 3 Ds…

I acknowledge seeing a psychotherapist and working with an awesome life coach, I even admit taking pain killers, sleep pills and vitamins. Yet, it was the constant, selfless and unconditional love and support of my SSH, that worked the biggest magic. Uh huh I did lot of work and homework myself, but I just couldn’t on my own – messed up as I then was…

It’s been 5 years and more since I started out, one inconsequential step at a time. Today however, even the weight loss is evidence enough. Some still don’t believe I once 🕒 115kgs…

Whenever I thanked my SSH, he’ll say ‘just pay it forward’: that’s the best recognition. Did I know that will be happening barely 7 months after my relocation home? And the situation is slightly complicated because my new client is behind bars and thought by some to be despicable… Yet they at slightly over my age, acknowledge that it’s high time and they are ready, cause they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of their life as is…

Dear Lord, I pray the serenity prayer with all my heart. I, like Solomon, pray for Wisdom and Grace… I need thee every hour, I know I have my e-family, my SSH and my guardian angel to cheer me on…


Have a wonderful Sunday everybody and keep up in all you strive…


3 thoughts on “Warming up to pay it forward”

  1. You look spectacular, my beautiful friend. I am STILL sick with this bad cold & cough. 😦 I’m so proud of you for working out. You know that I used to work in a gym for 2 years and was a certified personal trainer. I’m so pleased with your progress and commitment and also I like the other things you do to be well and strong. Keep paying it forward, you remarkable lady! XoXo

    1. Dear Lady, thanks for the comments, tweets and retreats. I wish I were twitter trendy or save to pay you forward there 🙂

      Oh my, that cold had just 3 days to be around now… Am sure it’s bidding its farewell to your organs and throat now. Please do you have 🍋 if yes take a lot in any form possible 🙆 Lucy could go back them down love 😍

      Hope you manage even 10 mins on your elegant elliptical…

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