Happy International Women’s Day: Doing me some advocacy

Charming host Amy Banda and I

Dear 🌍 , today is the International Women’s day. In my country Cameroon, the traditional thing has been for a special fabric to be designed, bought and stitched. Thereafter, the women go for a match past and then round up the day with merry making.

I don’t do that, and actually planned to stay at home today, you know work and rest free of the brouhaha of the day’s folies.

Yet, when my dearest Amy Banda invited me to both her TV 📺 and Radio 📻 shows, I said see you there. Never tired of advocating for any cause dear to me.



Amy lent me one of her spare fabrics to throw up my shoulder and not appear to be anti-women’s day fabric.

Amy loves her shows, here she regals the four women on the set today.

All four dynamic ladies on the show today

Thereafter, we met again at the radio station for Amy’s program on this year’s theme in details.

From TV, over to the Radio, in company of an upcoming Cameroon musician

All is well that ends well. I had a difficult day yesterday and barely slept 4 hours. Will go home and sleep some more and yes , read all I can.


image one of those parties in preparation 🙂

Happy times to us all


8 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day: Doing me some advocacy”

  1. You’re truly amazing.

    I know you barely slept….and to do all that media that you did, looking like your supermodel self, is nothing short of super inspiring!

    Thanks for all that you do on behalf of women, and for being a wonderful friend to me. Love you very much!!! XoXo

    1. Thanks so much Lady, and because I slept in the afternoon Which rarely do, my sleep pattern was messed up and I slept at 10 pm yesterday instead of the usual 9, and well I hope all this gets back into order today. Like I said on air, when we remember we are talking for multitudes, we only wish for grace and stamina to see us through. As for super model, ha that’s too much oh. I was just being me looking one way or the other 😂

  2. Marie, you are soooo brave going on TV! I really do admire your spirit and enthusiasm in your advocacy for mental illness. And you look absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Hope you’ve been able to catch up on your sleep

  3. A very Happy Mother’s Day to a Precious, Unique & Irreplaceable Marie whose Motherly prowess bring up our musketeers in the fear of the LORD and may GOD Almighty continue to guide you to bless many who are not ready to come out of their shelves and break free for a new beginning. It is always great having you on the show. What you don’t know is the empowerment and advocacy pieces also inspire and strengthen me to push through my own daily challenges. When people listen to deep and true experiences, they are empowered but when they are narrated fictions, the impact is different. I must confess, talking to you anytime is a blessing and we are looking forward to the ‘WOMEN OF STUBBORN AND PASSIONATE FAITH’ conference, which we believe will be an eye opener to many women, girls and mothers who all have visions, but sometimes don’t just trust themselves enough to carry the on. This Tuesday Marie, I will celebrate the Life & Legacy of Bob Marley on the Morning show in a special way. I invite you to tell us the memories you hold of this reggae legend and choose a piece from our selection, which we will play for you tomorrow between 6:30am and 9:00am exclusive to ‘LA TELEVISION DU MONDE’.https://www.facebook.com/Amy-Banda-454524697979291/?fref=ts

    1. Amy, comments like yours truly make me cry. Thank you so much, yes one good day that conference will be reality. Let me go over and pick a song from the selection.

      1. I played CC BB SPECIAL 05 (watch replay now on LTM) for you and 4 others who requested Bob Marley’s ‘No woman No cry’ song. It was an enriching piece I bet you.

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