The fattest and juicest bone just eaten by the patient Dog…

patient dog

What will a dog want to do with meat anyway? I used to say that the patient dog is probably a loser because while he waits, his other friends eat all the meat. You know, growing up in a culture which relishes meat, I almost forgot that dogs don’t like meat, the bones are yummier and even help sooth and sharpen their teeth…

If need be therefore, I am a Patient Dog… I am getting ready to eat the fattest and juicest bone. Thanks to some twists and turns, what I had been patiently looking forward to, that is: Having my kids permanently with me – is becoming reality as of yesterday.

You probably can imagine our joy… They are actually at my home since Friday and I got the writ to pick up their stuffs yesterday…

Thank you all so much who have encouraged, supported and loved me and us on…

Wise words on patience

I just found this wonderful quote from Joyce Meyer, one of those power voices I listen to sometimes.While waiting indeed, I found a home and started decorating it more with love than otherwise. I brought my boys to feel their future home, and they couldn’t wait to move in. We just didn’t know when… oh my, could it be any sooner or better?

Please, know that it is possible… that what you work hard for, pray hard for, strive hard for, even wish hard for, can really be delivered to you on a gold platter… sometimes that platter is still so hot and having ground around it, coming straight from the fire – indispensable for making gold right? Receive it with both hands whenever it comes, it may even burn and dirty you a little, but it’ll cool down and you’ll wash the dirt away… and who will be having the fattest and juicest bone after all?…

Nice Sunday to all… The season of Lent has very often brought me so much pain, healing and beautiful things…


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