Structural Adjustment = Mid term break for Me and I…


Sometimes,  we really don’t see it coming… But oh Boy, when it shows up, you better get going or be left behind…  And if getting going necessitates or even ‘imposes’ an adjustment,  one I call ‘structural adjustment’, you’re better off not resisting ( a mild resistance is 👌).

Dear 🌍,  with the above, I start this brief post of mine. I think the last one dates to a week or so, and I just realised that I need an official break from blog&Co and a few others…

When I was setting up and planning, wishing, praying and all to have my boys with me, I didn’t anticipate the manner in which that will take place. Who says everyone loves serenity and tranquillity?

Uh huh, well I got them and we are a rovin’: striving to get to thriving… Some huge and mild both physical and emotional ‘structural adjustment’ for us all indeed. Seriously, we have even had a few cordial team meetings to view, review and approve out strategy…

This calls and deserves a break from blogging and other passions… Even reading and sports have taken mild hits…

And so my e-family, because I just didn’t want to up and get silent like that, I thought to let you who cares know, just Like I appreciate when some of you who can, let me know too what’s ‘brewing’…

Happy easter Break to all the students in here; and to us parents, grannies and uncles, just keep trying ur best oh… Hope this below makes a good chuckle…


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