Hanging in my Blogging Boots, Letting Go with Love and Gratitude

Thank you
Gratitude all the way

All-time posts, views, and visitors … other stats (This is the first time I go to the stats section and probably the last)

  • POSTS: 573
  • PAGES: 12
  • VIEWS: 21,230
  • VISITORS: 10,529
  • BEST VIEWS EVER: 334 AUGUST 4, 2014 (Two day after my dearest Gabriel passed away – that pain still sometimes freezes my marrow)
  • COMMENTS: 5575
  • FOLLOWERS: 343

Dear World, what a tough decision, what a difficult parting. Oh my, I really am crying, yet tears of love and gratitude…

There above figures is the sum stats of my blogging journey, a journey which began on a fateful day in November 2013. I never had a clue on what I was going to do, nor how I was going to sustain doing that, but I dived in head on because at that time in my life, I needed this outlet so badly to release and breathe in – suck in – learn in – lean in – love in – and oh my meet so many wonderful people like Pammy,  Dyane, Kitt, Serena, blahpolar, Junie, oh my too many to list here.

Here is my first post, it took me that whole night to figure out how to create the blog, and then write cum publish a post. I don’t know if that post or its links are still intack, but I remember that period very well. Yes, one where I was trying so hard to keep afloat in that Belgium with its nasty weather and some weird work environment I found myself in.

It’s been a long, long, long journey both on and off line. Gosh, I don’t know what to write. I have thought it over and over, and it’s taken me 16 days from my last post on structural adjustment, to realise I truly can’t commit to blogging with the same zeal, love, passion, inshort my 3 Ds of Determination – Discipline – Dedication wouldn’t work here any more. I don’t want to do it otherwise. I follow Oprah’s advice and learn when to let go. From realising I needed to Let things be, to realising a structural adjustment was imperative, I now realize I just have to hang in my blogging boots.

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

It’s thank you, thank you and thank you. Thank you all who in whatever way made my blogging bout and pleasant one. I didn’t get to the 3 year mark, but I near made. I am glad at how much content I produced, how much feedback, views, like or even ‘hate’ I received, and oh my all I read which sent me roaming and roving. Now, for the Woman and Mother I am becoming, I need to focus elsewhere. Even me times are suspended to a very large extent – glad I had a blast while it lasted…

The blog stays online, I actually have to now one moment at a time, read my own post and reflect on those periods. I’ll also be following a few blogs, reading, liking and commenting. It’s a new era, it’s still plain me, but it’s time to step out of bloggerville, and step up the stakes for my boys and I. I still regret some stuffs I never got to post thanks to procastination, but hmm even on one’s dying bed there’s regret right? and yet what options then? So I bravely and gracefully – sure gratefully, quit…

thank you


10 thoughts on “Hanging in my Blogging Boots, Letting Go with Love and Gratitude”

  1. Marie, my dear friend. Sorry for the late comment. It’s been a hectic day.

    Well, first of all I’m so glad that you decided to blog when you did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met you. And I’m glad I met you because you have really inspired me with your strength and 3 Ds.

    You are a lovely lady Marie and I will miss you in the blogging world. I hope we will keep in touch as I wouldn’t want to lose your friendship. We have the internet to keep us connected. And who knows, maybe one day I can visit you and you can cook for me. 🙂

    I pray you will spend as much quality time with your 3 gorgeous boys as they grow. They grow so quickly. So enjoy them.

    Have a blessed nigth and sleep well my dear. x

    1. Junie, first of all your comment wasn’t late. Secondly, I am glad I got to do your justice with 2 posts and much more. Thirdly, meeting you was one of the climax of my first ever trip To London. Aww, you inspired and inspire me and truly one of my first real blogging lessons was from you. Our Skype, calls oh Junie, indeed there is a time for everything. The seasons come and go and so does life. You know my difficult journey. You can imagine how much I want and need to catch up with my boys. Instilling in them the fear of the Lord, Passionate Faith etc, doing lots of stuffs with and for them. I mean, where can I find time after all that to blog as dedicatedly or passionately? To God be the Glory… All the best to you, Miraculous Lady

  2. Merry Marie, what a journey, heh?
    I’m glad our paths crossed. I remember you as the courageous one who opened her life, bared her soul, to help her and others heal.

    I wish you all the very best for the future! May this new stage in your journey bring you and your boys much happiness.

    1. Thanks so much Timi, indeed I healed so wonderfully and yes sometimes painfully, but I am glad for those years. I will be reading your blogs and commenting every now and then. Maybe someday I’ll guest blog if invited. Thanks for the wishes, wishing you loads too

  3. Oh, Marie. I feel sad that you will no longer be blogging. But I am grateful to have met you through this blogging world. It is good, what you are doing for your boys.

    With love from Linda Lee, Lady Quixote, formerly known as Alaina

    1. Thanks so much Linda dear, it’s so much on its own taking care of them. We missed out on so much and I did ache so bad being a transcontinental mum for 4 good years at that age when kids need mum most. Not to dramatise, I just managed to help my 9 year old to stop wetting the bed, while his 6 year old brother still does. Indeed, blogging was a very big coping mechanism back then

  4. I meant to comment about your decision when you first posted this announcement, my beautiful Marie. I immediately “liked” this post to let you know that your friend Dyane stopped by!!!!

    But then I got distracted and had a horrible fight with my Mom that turned so ugly and drained me of all my energy (what else is new, right?) so Ididn’t get back to your blog until today. I know you understand…

    I’m so sad about your decision, but I totally get it!!!! I actually started my blog way back in 2007 but the blogging bug didn’t bite me, and I stopped after a few posts.

    Then I returned to blogging in 2013 and found that I enjoyed it, ha ha ha!!!!!! So you never know, Marie, and I’m hoping you come back someday! I’m glad you are keeping the blog up, and please stop by my blog when you can. I know how to contact you on email too, so that we can always keep in touch.

    I love you always!! Please know that, my Fairy Godmother!!!!


    1. Lady, indeed I was glad to see your like and knew what it meant. Ah those fights huh? Stars help us. As for the Bbug, it did 🐛 me but now I need so much time to do so much stuffs, I can’t honestly and passionately do that oga 🐛 any justice. Oh sure your blog is among the first of the 16 blogs I have kept in my reader and email notification. Hope it all comes to pass that wahala with mum. Take awesome care of yourself, and all

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