Am Back and Am using His Phone…

Am trying to be safely anchored ship
Am trying to be safely anchored ship

Grief can make, mould or mare you… Take it from it I have experienced grief and its various effects… Obviously to different extents but … a recent Grief ( Ulla’s passing )propelled me to rush right back to my e-family via our communication outlet par excellence: our blogs or vlogs …

Dear world,

Am Back… I can’t say if it’s gonna be any consistent, but I know for sure Am happy to be back… I didn’t leave altogether, I stayed around reading some of my favorite blogs… But I just realise writing is part of the deal and going by the number of followers I had when I last checked, others sure like reading some of my posts… writing has equally been so so therapeutic for me, I really can’t leave it alone…

Another Grief, one of the most poignant next to the loss of my own daughter, is on another note making me currently… I never knew two years ago I’ll get to this point of smiling when I think of my brother… I think it’s because He Lives on in Me

Am using his phone since Thursday

That's Gaby's phone ontop of my fav kindle, and I put his lone selfie I sound in it on the wallpaper
That’s Gaby’s phone ontop of my fav kindle, and I put his lone selfie I sound in it on the wallpaper… his face is so swelled, probably the meds meds meds…

When he died in August 2014, I wanted so badly to inherit lots from the little he left. I was living in Belgium then, and couldn’t take back lots of his clothes or few house utensils you know… The clothes weren’t going to fit anyway, although I did resize a few and cared less wearing his big snickers… But, I so wanted his mobile phone ans I pleaded with mum then to no avail…Her own Grief was so raw I left it at that

Today, I am finally in possession of one of my priciest legacy from my brother, second only to the memories we shared of things we thought, said and did together…

I sincerely am grateful to mum for giving me my brother’s phone which was successfully unblocked and charged up after two years of non use… I have lots of him physically in my home like most of his house utensils and even beddings… And some clothes… And now the very phone he was using – and sure that on which we last spoke two days to his passing on… his call log was still there oh my …

And you gentle readers and followers, what are some of your priciest legacies from your departed ones?

Wishing us all peace, joy and love in abundance…


3 thoughts on “Am Back and Am using His Phone…”

  1. Welcome back Marie. I missed you.

    The priciest legacies I got from my departed ones are memories. Some good. Some bad. But they will stay with me for as long as I can remember. One of the best memories I have is singing to my 2 weeks old grandson as I rocked him in my lap, 2 days before he died. I’m grateful that I was able to hold him.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and feelings about your brother. It shows how much you loved him, and still do.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

    1. Dear Junie,

      Thanks for stopping by. The first comment am getting since my announcement yuppie. I took a while to reply to your comment because I wanted the sting of the thought of holding my daughter briefly before she was put in an incubator, to soothe off and leave.

      Ah, that’s life right? All those memories are there but we can choose to keep the good ones and ignore the bad ones so I think.

      When recently asked about Ulla, I chose to say only the good memories I had because there was no point in saying any unconventional or ‘bad’ stuff… Not that I knew of any…

      You are right I so loved and learnt to fight for my brother. He lives on in me, I can’t face it any other better way.

      Have a Graceful week

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