An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 3

Aiming to be just this and try my best


What’s Up

Well, all may not be so good today work/conference wise, but at least I have a good food budget for today thanks to the strenous exercise which I did this am. It is leaving me barely walking I must admit, but hey I want to run and burn more calories afterall.

About Work first

So let me get this thing off my throat before I return hopefully to normal. Group work sucks : especially when the group members aren’t interested in the work but in showing off or about. So today as in a while ago, we get split into groups and my co-mates talk and talk and agree on barely anything and then time is up. A self imposed group leader wouldn’t let others talk and I just sat back at one time not wanting to get so carried away with the vibrations – that’s life and in another country and time I am a lecturer and understand some student’s frustrations at their groups. Fortunately or unfortunately, in my student days that teaching technique was neither unknown nor deemed important…

Tricks and Tips learnt

1) If I take just that first step I could end up surprising myself. I felt sore this morning but I left anyway and ended up working out twice as much as monday. I’ll rest the limbs tomorrow and workout harder again Friday anyway…

2) When you cheer someone up  … it makes you smile and in return you are fired up too. I cheered a mama who was street sweeping and she smiled and I smiled and I leap further. Some men cheered; me up I continued uphill and then continued smiling to their commutes. One of my pals on Lose it called Bradley cheered me up two days ago and I bet he smiled to himself for doing that and maybe decided to keep up in his efforts too…

3) I could stuff up at breakfast, lunch & coffee breaks, and skip dinner altogether… or could I? Oh no to my disappointment… My Stomach wouldn’t let me stuff up as much as I could have wished for – it seems like when you lose weight, several parts of your body shrink too like your stomach, feet  and even invisible parts… and now tomorrow morning am not going to have breakfast because I just discovered a scale at this conference centre’s medical centre and the nurse said I could step on that – best before breakfast… I want to know how it’s going after 3 days, if I lost, gained or stayed the same nonetheless… friday is my last day at this conference centre and I feel doing that tomorrow will calm my curiosity quicker…

4) I finally got a new phone and what an excellent deal I got… The chinese are completely all over the place here and there’s even a song or two celebrating or making a mockery of that : « Partout à Abidjan Chingchon » ( chingchon refers to a chinese) and so pretty many things are Chines with their prices

5) When the training ends, leave quickly to go retrieve your passport because when you all go down at once and other trainees or participants at whatever leave their own events, the reception area could turn into something else 🙂

The day’s summary and other matters arising

Conferences are indeed tough like Bradley commented. When you get back to the hotel you just wanna crash, I wonder how the men manage it to hang out in the bar every evening or go out to the city as they narrate in the bus each morning. And oh, my I felt so cold today I wraped myself up in my winter jacket (served afterall) and wraped my shawl on my head, A friend had said we could meet this evening for dinner but am definitely not following up on that nor even looking forward to her call or chat… and tomorrow is even going to be tougher with an eminent personality coming in and there is 2 big homeworks already and I want to work on those and sort of impress him you know (well at least 1 of them) … Fortunately no sports in the am, maybe just a walk to relax those limbs more… And, yeah I found out about the hours and price for the miniature golf and am heading there on saturday morning ‘sun or showers’. While in Brussels, my SSh and I had made program upon program to go to a mini golf course and we never did helas… I called him today and took crash lessons… am looking out and forward to the fun above all else… In the meantime am curiously not keen on taking any pictures – hopefully by friday after conference official close at 2 pm I will 🙂

Wishing us all so so much

P.S Am still at the reception of the hotel since we returned an hour ago, fighting slow connection to finish this post and then publish and go me up to my room and be cool for a while before poring over tomorrow’s material…


2 thoughts on “An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 3”

    1. Cathartic cathartic that’s what writing and reading do and are to my valves dear Bradley. And I god WordPress installed on my new big smart ass of a phone so am set even on the go 🙂

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