An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 2

Ah there goes Beautiful Abidjan – but little or no time for sigthseeing

I woke up on my second day in Abidjan on a left note to put it simple. I didn’t only feel over fed by none other than myself – (out of politeness to Pape my Monday dinner host, I had to give it a big try before taking the rest away), but I slept poorly because I had to watch the dang thing live and 9 pm in the US was gonna be 1 am in Abidjan. I dozed off like 20 minutes after smiling at seeing the first woman in the US History stadning on a Presidential campaign stage with a man who would have given all if he could not to run aganinst any woman especially one who lacked ‘stamina’ like he said.

I therefore had a low food budget for the day because I didn’t and couldn’t go for exercise. That may have even been very difficult had I even attempted because my hips were very sour and crying fowl from all I did with them at the mini gym I found on the beach on Monday. Anyway, this morning I am back on those tracks hips better heal on their own, afterall that’s where I want most if not all of those 5kgs to flee from.

Helas, that was the closest I could get to the monument

Conference training was hectic and I ate very little so as not to run over my food budget like I did on monday. I managed to leave on break time and dash to that gorgeous cathedral which was fortunately oppositie the conference centre, but the gates were CLOSED from all ends and I couldn’t even find the opening hours before the rain started to have a shower. I dashed across but the only openening entrance to the conference centre was two blocks round the corner. Abidjan has had its own share of crisis too and bet ya security ain’t taken for granted here.

Getting back to the hotel at 5.30 or so pm, I was just ready for my bed and nothing else period. I finally managed to call home because I had gotten a local sim card during break too, and then I walked some to a nearby supermarket hoping to find Ivorian cocoa to no avail. It was thus back to my room, eating the take away from Monday, and sleeping like a log.

I go jogging now hoping Wednesday comes with a better food budget, better this and better that Thank you Lord…

Nice day to us all

P.S : Network didn’t allow me to publish before going for sports, now I can update. I surprised myself for running 30 straight minutes even if only slowly as in ‘quicker jogging’ (hope you get this), and then yep went back to that mini gym on the beach and put in 20 minutes of same excercises and more, and then did 10 minutes aerobics to stretch and lalala. It was more day break than monday and commuters were starting to be up and about and it so happened there was no other female around doing what I was doing and some men cheered me on and one really clapped. I was so flattered and hyper motivated. I can’t wait to log this into the Lose It app and see what I get as food budget for today…


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