An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 4 P1

Hurray: today is the last full day of the conference… Tomorrow is a half day of wrap ups, official closing and farewell lunch… And then am free to roam around till my flight back home at 7 pm Saturday… I will survive and hopefully thrive…

So down to the business of this blog… Writing me mind musings about tits tats…

No breakfast this am so I could step on a dreaded scale which reads: Bingo… That’s for part 2 this evening…

Got up at 3:26 am to read and work but by 3:45 I was still blogging on my new phone… Excitement or lousiness? A mate told me yesterday to just relax about the conference work for the organizers know we can’t keep up with? The Ks of course 🙂

I did do a selfie yesterday to send to my ssh and my sons you know… Showing them how I was fighting the full blast AC in here… So there you go 🙂

Skipping breakfast definitely mean coffee break and lunch will hear from me: after all I have been under my food budget for two days now 🙂 but I did do a grab back from the restaurant in the hotel you know… to sort off calm my hunger down before the 1st coffee break at 10 am

5:45 am and yep am done with reading material and doing homework as best as I can. Hopefully it’ll be group work again and we’ll see how it goes. Am no longer the ‘shoot finger first person’ or glad to be group leader or even note taker: that was yesteryears… If it’s group and my contributions can be factored in, fine; if not, life goes on and am glad to have read and learnt the stuff… And yes I even got to fill their 4 huge pages survey of the whole event even if not yet officially over…

Am now ready for that walk even if mild rain out there; gosh I even have some nose irritation already from all that AC in that conference centre; but what can I tell you…


7:30 am : I just came back from that walk turned hike… Lasted a good 74 minutes and I still couldn’t get to my target which was the other side of the river as you can see in the picture below… Oh my I had thought it was a walking distance. I could see it, actually took a picture, it’s the Sofitel, ah but no it’s a swimming mission impossible for me… Across the cocody and there’s no bridge… Either use ferry and taxi or hike maybe 2.5 hrs?


Just look at my legs up close…


OK let me get ready now to leave in 45 mins… See you all gentle readers and followers this evening

8.22 am and am publishing this now and off with the team in 8 minutes 🙂

Loads loads loads to all


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