An Area Girl in Abidjan Day4 P2

Oh gosh, as if my walking for 40 minutes to and fro this morning to hopefully get to a certain hotel wasn’t enough, I just found out on google maps it’ll actually take yes 1hr 22 minutes on foot to get there. Why didn’t I look it up before? See for yourself:

I didn’t know google maps works here because in my country…

Training related: Now, I learn that something I had lobbyed for two days ago and which had been promised me, is going to some other gentleman who happens to be a more good looking or responsible or intellectual than myself? what can I tell you… For the past 3 days at day’s close, one of us is chosen to say a word or two to our trainer… I was so looking forward to this day’s trainer because I have read a lot of his works and he is truly one of Africa’s eminent personalities. Hence I lobbied, especially that only men had been chosen all along and the ladies were only chosen to give flowers … This morning I saw the one whom I just learnt has been chosen leave the room with one of the organizers and I had a bad feeling… This afternoon after coffee break I asked one of the the other principal organizers to whom I had first talked, he quickly referred me to their main man and seemed elusive whereas two days ago he was welcoming. I now know this guy was chosen today and this lead organizer tells me it’s because well all trainers have been men and so they thought it should be men talking to or about them. He tried to flater me I could also be allowed to add in a word later, but I was firm, am no man’s assistant and either I am doing the talking or he is. It’s really ok if it’s no longer me, I just thought they should have been fair enough to tell me before I asked sort of…

Over to something else: I am still having my itchy near running nose but there goes life again… and well I don’t look forward to going out either this evening or even tomorrow evening. I will however run tomorrow morning because I see that those exercises are helping greatly.

I did take two pictures here today with better smiles sort of. The sun shone brightly and I went to the yard after lunch for some sunlight and here I am:

Enjoying me some sun

Anyway, I took a picture with this trainer today, the only I have taken with anyother person of my own accord, and I am happy to have spoken a lot with him and even talked about our both countries. Now he just so happens to know a family from which one of my uncles married one of his wives… how small is this world we live in:

He’s an inspiration and motivation intellectually speaking – such an extensive CV

And about the Weight Loss: The scale miraculously read 76.4 today. Could I truly have lost this much weight in just 3 days? I feel my pants dangling but hmm that’s not real… either the scale I stepped on back home was faulty, or this one? I doubt what to believe now… so am just continue doing my thing and I know where I want to see more change in mass … until then, nada…

Am ready to call this a day and glad tomorrow is just half day…

Wishing us all a nice evening…



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