An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 5 P1

“Courage Beaute”


With the above words and the above images, I start my narration for the day. Those words were spoken to me as I ran this morning by a commuter. Oh my, even in my own country no one has told me those exact words. In english they can be translated to: Courage Beauty :). That and the other few claps, made me feel like a ‘real sprinter’, and I did move for 70 minutes = 40 running and 30 aerobics at that beach gym. Sad to let them off as from tomorrow so I had to really give them my best this am. Tomorrow I go for miniature golf sun or showers as I have often times said.

Recap of Last Night

All is well that ends well, I actually took those pictures at Pape’s restaurant which has those event halls for hire, private football pitches, swimming pool and posh lobby etc. So it’s actually a complex. You see, I wasn’t keen on going out yesterday evening but he called and showed up and cajoled and even said I could try Shisha if I wanted. He also pleaded he had a parcel to send to his brother Marabout and I ended up saying yes let’s go. Well, he as usual offered so much food which I asked to be wraped up.

I am glad I could offer almost all of it to some buddies at the reception. I was scared they’ll say their staff policy forbade them to receive from guests…

As a for that incident at the training I talked about yesterday, I got it best when I met the professor in the lobby and asked him if I could have five minutes of his time. He said sure, I nicely told him what happened, and he asked I read out what I had prepared for him. I did, and he was touched and gave me a father hug. He asked me to send it to him by email and he gave me his ‘business card’ you read me well… You can tell the bliss I slept in and got up to go sports with huh!

D Day

Final day is here and am so cool. It’s been a hectic week and my nose is now running. I wore a jacket outdoors for sports  you know, and I also hear that when the nose runs it’s actually sign of improvement.

 I saw a sign post saying museum of civilisation one day, so am gonna check it out this afternoon. Then I’ll take the ferry around until my 5.30 pm date.

But hmm a glitch just happened, as I left the hotel lobby to go and get my handbag from the room, the bus left without me.I wasn’t even gone up 5 mins and many people were in that lobby including the organizers. But hey, no one is spoiling my mood today. So, O gladly left on foot after all I needed to get a strap of my handbag fixed and one side of my sandals too.

The pictures I took on my walk and all I learnt along the way, will hopefully fit into this day P2. The walk lasted 70 or so minutes but am cool…

Looking so forward to the day… nice one to us all


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