An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 5 P2

Y’all should be guessing am almost stonned oh I mean skinned by now 🙂

With a hectic week behind me, a now running nose and a very stringent food budget thanks to my own doing by committing to ‘Lose It’, all I can do for this day’s wrap up is share some photos.

Made it to the conference centre on time to get my certificate from maybe a future Lose It coach? It wasn’t me 🙂

Found this on my way to the centre this morning and just had to snap. So awesome. Please use google translate cause am so tired but my sleep is all over the place thanks to the running nose of course 🙂

Getting my handbag fixed at some local mender on the street. I am an area girl and prefer me to go simple stuffs and avoid designers stuffs and all like the flea –  sanity and stringent food and cash budgets 🙂

Also got my sandals fixed and all of these cost me just 200 frs – nothing near a dollar 🙂

Took this with a ‘local prince’ in my class and he said I could share on my blog. That’s one of their traditional grabs 🙂

All in all, had a wonderful day and evening. The civilisation museum was closed due to renovations, couldn’t catch no ferries thanks to ‘running and rambling nose’, got some meds to sooth that some, slept some and then went out to my 5:30 pm date.

Here’s hoping to a better tomorrow; now sleep sleep come my way 🙂

Wishing us loads


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