World Mental Health Day 2016: Psychological First Aid

When I dare say I have a fragile mental health, all eyes are on me like yeah right whatever…

Now, this issue of mental health is gaining proportion although sadly seems like it is more accepted you are ‘a cause for concern’ when you are walking haphazardly on the street pulling a trolley or bag of junk’…

And so I find out the WHO theme for this year’s (what? celebration, commomeration,…?) psychological first aid…

This week and maybe even the last, have been sort of roller coaster for me, edging between not having it in me one bit, to not finding enough time to do all I planned…

Without much a do about ‘something’ as important about caring for our brains and minds, I’ll like to invite you all my dear and gentle readers and followers to leave a coment about that theme… I don’t know but I can’t break it down much and hope even inviting us all to brainstorm together is some mental health advocacy you know:

Some leading points are:

  1. What could be put in such a first aid?
  2. Who should be best drilled to administer same and why?
  3. For how long should firstaid be attempted before full aid is sought?
  4. Any other thoughts or matters arising from the 3 above?

Thanks for stopping by …

In Memoriam of all those whose lives were cut short by a mental illness

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