Running Away From…?


There comes a point in time

When you muster the courage for the review

You look at them inside out

The flash cards of the lifeathon

The near out of breathe you’ve sometimes experienced

The long and wide distances you’ve covered

The impulsive, compulsive & obsessive thoughts and actions

The numerous and sometimes weird people who took you oh for so granted

The ceaseless times you doubted, loathed and devalued your own self

The frustration, exasperation and near extinction

The very tricky race…

Ah: Who were you running away from?


What were you running away from?

You’re near a decade to half a century old

And there seems to be no one else following you but you

Ain’t it real time to look at those flash cards again?

To stop piling new ones onto what seems like a trash hip?

Oh how I wish this could be a fairy tale

The likes I dreamt of reading Cinderella and Snow White

Couldn’t there be a life school with a kindergarden section?

One you really went to before formal school?

Well, am counting my blessing and seizing every chance


Several dawns have come by since my 3 decades and a half

I guess now is time for that spiritual retreat

When it was first offered I scorned

Oh how I thank you Lord for my source of unconditional love

3 days of just me and YOU in all intimacy

To hell ever running away from … again

5 thoughts on “Running Away From…?”

  1. Love this, Marie.

    Yes, it’s true what you wrote…you can’t keep running away from you, so
    run TOWARD the real you – the beautiful essence of you.
    The you that is kind.
    The you that is loving.
    The you that is untouched by insanity and irrational behavior.
    The you that wants peace.

    The line: “The flash cards of the lifeathon” is particularly amazing,
    Lady M.
    So glad you’re taking the retreat.
    Much, much love to you!!!!! (and little Miss ELLLLLLLAAAAAA!)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Lady Captain 🙂 I leave in barely 2 hours and I have been on my feet all day cooking/packaging/cleaning and making sure… That’s another me I haven’t lost in any race: I never ran away from that one 🙂
    And my best treat is that I am having a date cum debate with an awesome Almighty Father who no matter what I’ve ever done, will never call me Nasty Woman 🙂

  3. Marie, this is beautiful. and honest. I can relate to your poem.

    I hope you have an intimate time with the Almighty and He shows you what you have been running away from and how to embrace all of you and stay grounded in Him. His love is all you need to get by. 🙂

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