Finding Fun

Am looking for Fun, you seen him around?
Am looking for Fun, you seen him around?

Dear World, I actually wrote this post on Wednesday the 26th at 3 pm, 30 minutes before I planned to leave for my retreat. Once more I need to find fun because anxiety is creeping in and so am becoming nervous. The family friend who has to come and stay with the boys isn’t yet here and I just hate to be late one bit. Is it this Black Man Time aka BMT stuff?

I am therefore writing this post as a calming mechanism because while I write, I think of what to write and worry less about his not being yet and the chances of my being late. Don’t mind that the retreat centre is 15 minutes away from my house.

Anyway, ok let’s see how I found fun this morning because, hey that was another one to get me pull my hair off (ah great I shaved it all off a year and plus ago so fine no pulling of hair will work here). Ok, as the story goes, my three boys all have a piece of me in them, my one personality or the other. Ok Mr Gaby the benjamin, takes that my laid back childhood and fun girl in all circumstances. So, he only remembered to tell me this 5 am that a new exercise book was needed. Needless to say I had no spare one for him. He is often late to be ready to leave the house, and that gets his brothers nervous and so when I can I just tell them to go and decide to walk with him to school. The 15 minutes walk takes us 30 or so minutes because Gaby kicks the pebbles, chats with friends, counts the cars and etc etc… Taking after who? Please don’t ask me 🙂

So we try to leave early as in 6.30 am for just in case, but Gaby manages sometimes to be ready at 6.45 like was the case today. Yet, no stores were open or sold exercise books. So I walk him to school at that pace regardless of my threats and all, and then I start power walking back saying to myself well if he gets whacked for not having the book, serves him right. Half way through, I see a hawker and he has exercise books. I buy one, and my conscience will not let me take it home. About turn to his school, give him the book, and there we go again power walk all the way back home.

It was actually at the point of buying the book and deciding to give him back, that I found fun. I was already all tensed up and I had just so much to do before leaving for the retreat you know. The deal is, my tendons behind my hips hurt from the rigourous Monday workouts, I couldn’t even jog as planned this morning. I realized only power walks will help, and here I was with ample opportunity to power walk to and fro the young man’s school, and I was whinning? I started laughing at myself.

But when I go to his class and realized today was their P.E day and my friend hadn’t worn his sport’s outfit, my initial reaction was… luckily I found fun standing very close by… I just shrugged as in well this time around serves you right sir…

With this anectdote of mine, I wish to encourage us all to try as much as possible to find fun in those fuzzy situations of life. I know fun is to had or made, but there are equally times when you have to really look past the surface. Fury is never far if you prefer to dwell in his miserable company hahaha

The fun in my writing now is, ok he’s still not here, but his delay is giving me time to write and properly schedule my post and emm I guess I’ll still be on time for the 4pm scheduled arrival, and ok a few minutes late might not be the end of the world… Let me have fun calling him to hear what he has to say 🙂

Nice weekend to all

4 thoughts on “Finding Fun”

  1. This is a great lesson and reminder! I hope you didn’t have to wait too much longer. I never heard of BMT before but that actually made me laugh! So at least I found the fun in that! I think it’s good to realize that we have more choices than we think, and I prefer Fun over Fury any day of the week! I think you’re at the retreat right now and I hope that you’re having a really wonderful and powerful time. lots of love to you my funny friend, xoxoxo

    1. Dear captain, just got back this evening. No that day I didn’t have to wait at all because as soon as I called and he told me he was already nearby, I left home. I actually met him on the way and he walked me to find a cab. Oh my, these 3 days were powerful indeed and the intensity and liberation, the peace and joy I feel and went through, it can only be by God’s Grace. Thanks for your comment here and for your cheer and consolation on Lose it 🙂

      1. I’m so glad you had a great time – more than great. It sounds amazing. I’m thrilled for you; you needed & deserved this time and experience so much!!!!!! I’m honored to cheer you on at Lose It! and you truly are doing a remarkable job so keep it up, my beauty!!!!

      2. Well captain; yes Great because now that it’s over I feel Good tralalalalalala… But darling it’s was a journey in three days (37 years to face up, wrap up, sum up, and even trash up…). Well, as for the job at Lose it, the job this past week is not to be kept up honestly, I don’t like the wight gain be it water motivated or just mass 🙂 makes me think of back then when I weighed so much and some people probably to be polite said: Sure you have heavy bones cause you don’t look that weight blabla

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