My Rahabilitation

A cuddle at anytime
A cuddle at anytime

Oh my, here is a new day, a new me. Am so full of Gratitude and Thanksgiving: Praise my Lord I am holistically Rahabilitated.

If you know the bible story of Rahab, then you’ll get what I mean. I not only felt for the past near 2 decades of my life that I was living like Rahab ( married or not), but I actually took some spiritual quiz which revealed she was the bible personality I reflected. Initially I was so ashamed, very humbled and humiliated some more. I was disgusted at myself and decided gradually I was done with that ‘life’.

It’s taken 5 years and I can say am proud of the work done inside out. Wow, on the 28th of October, at the spiritual retreat I was at, I completed the most critical stage of my Rahabilitation, I wrote it all down and offered it all up as a burnt offering. It was just me and me and my Lord. Hmm, after all this running away I end up with me to rid me of the old me. How Gracious !

I pray for the Grace to always seek to know and do myLord’s will in every circumstances and with total gratitude. His Amazing Grace is all I need; and this I have always received in Abundance. I am ready Lord for the next leg of Rahab’s journey: I am not impatient and am even a little apprehensive but I know I have your back. Amen

I am so tremendously grateful for my mum and sisters, my friends, few but oh so precious, for my dearest e-family and above all for my sons and our cuddle Ella. I could never have walked this healing journey alone.

Wishing us all so so so much, especially those struggling to let go of whatever pain and disgust…



3 thoughts on “My Rahabilitation”

  1. I didn’t know about Rahab until you wrote about it here.

    I’m SO thrilled that you are ready for the next leg of Rahab’s journey, Lady Marie, and you sound great, you really do.

    I know you’re faced with challenges every day, but there is a light and renewed strength within your words, and I can tell you got so much out of your retreat.

    Sending you love today and every day, my wonderful, beautiful and inspiring friend!!!

    p.s. MEOW to lovely Ella!!!!!!!!!! 😻😽

  2. Let me start my dear captain with accepting your meou to Ella, she is growing and discovering new talents and abilities she never knew she had. I mean it that I am learning so much from Ella and her soif de vivre. And she loves the boys so much she sleeps with them… I already can ramble on and on about her… shout out to Lisa (oops Lucy please forgive the slip oh captain) from Ella
    Now over to me, am glad I made u discover Rahab. She went through stuffs, did stuffs, ans helped spies ans then her salvation. She is actually the mother of Boaz and that’s who am waiting for at the right time definitely 🙂
    Darling, you have been and are still such a lady of mine, inspiring and motivating me all the way inspire of your own challenges.
    I just love you and always wish you so much well.
    You know you’ll have a review from Africa right?

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