Could I have been this thin…?

I used to be this fat April 2010
I used to be this fat April 2010

oh I also found this dating from 2006:

December 2006
December 2006

Hello all,

Let me begin this post of mine with the two lone pictures I have left of the ‘yummy looking years’. I wish I had more, especially one which showed me at my apex scale of 115 kgs. But helas, when I fled my marriage and the country altogether, those stuffs stayed behind and I gather on my return that there was a big burnfire… Am still trying to rebuild the mini library I left there…

Ok here is a sort of timeline of my thiness 🙂

Well, let’s do so some fast forward to 2014, because I now admit I was worriyingly anorexic inclined in 2012/2013 – when I look at pictures from then, I see why mum was worried… I had stopped eating simple and period…

Belgium 2014

And the next year –  2015

England 2015
England 2015

And the next – 2016, precisely saturday 05.11.16

With my crew, going to check the town out
With my crew, going to check the town out

This is what I gather: Yes, I could have been this thin and at other times that fat…

Life has taught me so much, I have lived so many different experiences and the toll has been physical, psychological, mental, emotional and above all spiritual…

Body weight or mass is near often not always to do about what we see…

One of my lessons is this: Live and Love the prethoughand enjoy as much as I can…

I now smile at my ‘yummy me years’, when I could just eat me some comfort chocolates and care less about tracking calories or who will say what… I love cooking and so when my marriage was going roller down, I spent me time at home cooking and well… what do you do with the food no one comes back home to eat?

Today, I enjoy trying to stay in my new shape although it still troubles mum a bit that I don’t want to add at least 5 more kgs. Hahaha, that’s though because I am already committed to my wondrous group on Lose it

To all in the house who will read this… I just want to in my usual personal self, encourage each of us in our journeys. It’s definitely much more to do than with being this thin or that fat, but sometimes that physical appearance makes a difference especially when your health is at stake. Trust me on this one I did 2 years of ill health…

Here’s to a great week for all


13 thoughts on “Could I have been this thin…?”

  1. You are beautiful in every photo!

    What matters is how you feel without taking it too far, right?
    I’m happier being 40 pounds less because I have way more energy, I feel better about my health and appearance, yet I’m not anorexic. I take two medications known for weight gain so it’s good I track my food; at least for me it truly does work. Speaking of tracking….

    I’m SO grateful you’re part of our LoseIt! group. Thanks for your wonderful encouragement and your vibrant sense of humor. XOXOXOXOXOXO

    1. Dear Lady, I bet you know what you are talking about. Yes being some tons less makes you fee younger, fuelled up more and healthier…
      just wish the tracking didn’t have to be done so religiously 🙂
      We cheer each other up so badassly it’s fun 🙂

  2. Oh I wish I could log the way you do! I am terrible at it but taking 5 diff meds that all cause me to balloon and lacking any native energy of my own, well that is a recipe for disaster! I just want the motivation to do what I can to feel my best and to hell with appearances! But my energy level is so low and being heavy does not help …I am already carrying 20 more than last year this time! Ah me ah my! Love to you, Pammy

    1. Oh Pammy, you know I have put on some and have even stopped logging. Don’t feel so beat up about it, we blame it on those damn meds your poor system has been stringed to and now can’t do without. Just do your best. I let go of the guilt of the 5 or more kgs I have added since that post, consoling myself 77 is still better than 115kgs. Here is to hoping the energy level gradually rebounces after the dreary season.

      1. Dear Marie,

        You know, I am torn between saying F— you to the world that demands we all look and weigh a certain amount, and just eating whatever I want and never again allowing a mirror or photograph or scale to dictate to me what I shoukd Be or look like… torn between that ideal and kowtowing to the world’s demands and obeying the false claims of “it is healthier” ha ha ha etc to be thin when it is really just a way to dominate women. Yes, again! I want to go the first way, and believe in it, but I am weak sometimes and so subject to thr oppression of mind that tells me I am bad if I do not stay thin enough for the World’s approval. I do know that it is utter hogwash for me — maybe not everyone — but for me to alternate between starvation and overeating just to satisfy the gods of the World and Health, thst is to say, Vanity, just to be on proper side of “thin enough “ or under 28 BMI! I am so sick of the world’s demandi;g thst women be other than what we are by nature meant to be, just to satisfy men’s desires that I could scream! Why don’t they cater to our needs and whims for a change? And why don’t we all of us live and let live! What a change that would be, eh? Change cannot come too quickly for me!

        Happy new year, my dear.

        Love you,


      2. Pammy oh, I feel you. For me, watching what I eat is purely for health reasons. Any extra weight affects my joints and articulations and I pay a big price. If it were for men, I’ll give a big damn and be just chubby

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