And…credit also goes to the stress of the US elections elections yay…

It’s Friday and I am going to Fry my …

Two days ago, I learnt of some news in the Americana land which left me sad… I don’t know it got so into my marrow as if it was anywhere near my continent. I guess it’s because of all the precious liberal friends and families I have there.

But well, back to my life, I wanna weigh 75 kgs just like when I was in University. Marriage took me to a hideous 115kgs and I have for the past 5 years battled with that and dropped to as low as 70 kgs. Some complacency took me up to 80, and I registered on the site Lose It, joining the Wondrous Writers Group of captain Dyane and Sir Bradley.

Two weeks ago I weighed in 77 and was nowhere pleased. Today, I just weighed myself and it read 76.3, 3 times in a row.

Maybe the stress of following the elections closely, trying to understand some big and nasty terms, looks and actions, and watching a saga unfold, at least helped me stress out and watch my regimen closer.

In every dark cloud there sure can be a silver lining.

I sincerely hope their new governing mandate doesn’t shred their already fragile and not so super country.

Have a nice weekend ya …


5 thoughts on “And…credit also goes to the stress of the US elections elections yay…”

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous and you will reach that goal in no time – look at you – you’re so close! I love having you on our team!

    I agree that stress can cause weight loss, and I think it’s so important to look for that silver lining in all the angst whenever possible.

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed our country has a dumbass, racist, misogynistic, evil f*cking asshole for a “president” – Lucy & Ella could do a superior job!

    Sorry to go off there. See why I don’t post about it?

    p.s. Keep up the great work, okay? Drink lots of water and move move move just like you’ve been doing so well.

    1. I love my captain and would have naturalized as a US citizen only to vote for you. Thank you for bragging so much about Lose it and your group so much that I ran out of excuses 🙂

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