Look at me: This is what I did in 53 days: Yes You Can!!!

Hello world,

I wanted to blog about something else, another great idea that popped up, but hmm the scale reading this morning just had to be shared.

A week ago, I was down to 76.5 from an initial 79.999. Lose told me if I kept it up, I could reach my target goal of 75kgs by Dec 16… I immediately thought to myself: ” why not November 16? After all even if we don’t do Thanksgiving the Americana way, I could still take my boys out for an ice cream treat on that day you know… Uh in solidarity with my Americana family especially after a recent saga of theirs… Ok let me leave them alone and rejoice a moment in what I challenged myself to do.

Frankly speaken, I share this credit with my team mates over at our Lose It groupCaptain Dyane and Sir Bradley you two inspire and motivate. Dyane is sure you who chose that name Wondrous Writers? Maybe I really do fit that bill…

I have felt discouraged by the scale reading (dreaded it to be candid), felt pain from those workouts at some forsaken 4 am thrice  or more weekly, and even found saliva around the corner as I passed the ice cream vendor especially in this season.

But oh my: 10.8 pounds in 53 days? 100 grams below my ideal weight? I am keeping that for Christmas so Help Me Almighty Daddy…

If I can do this, I think we can give whatever it is we are at a big push … All because: Yes You Can!

Sharing all my badges with you so you see what it takes 🙂

Losin’ It
– You have logged your first weight loss.

Goal Achieved
– You have completed a plan successfully!

Keep It Up
– You are still here after 3 days! Keep it up!

– You have logged every day for at least 2 weeks!

– You have logged every day for at least 4 weeks!

Exercise Buff
– You have exercised 3 times a week for at least 2 weeks!

Exercise Hound
– You have exercised 3 times a week for at least 4 weeks!

Exercise King
– You have exercised 3 times a week for at least 8 weeks!

Hello My Name Is
– You filled out your profile to let everyone know who you are!

Fit Like a Pro
– You’ve logged at least 100 exercise calories for 3 days in a week! Inspired by Jenna Wolfe Fitness.


16 thoughts on “Look at me: This is what I did in 53 days: Yes You Can!!!”

    1. Thank you dear for stopping by, it’s been a while huh 🙂 I think I am inspired to inspire 🙂 to think 8 years ago a scale read 115 kgs? hmm I have tried indeed, I think I can get an ice cream today after all right?

  1. You look GORGEOUS – I LOVE THAT DRESS on you! I’d love one on me, ha ha ha!! I did choose “Wondrous Writers” and you fit perfectly in the group, yes indeed.

    I love how you displayed the badges you’ve earned on Lose It! – that’s super cool!!!! You truly are an inspiration and I want you to keep it up with all your might! I know you can do it because look what you’ve done, my beautiful friend!!!!

    Keep us posted with this journey no matter what, please.


    p.s. You should tweet this link and your photo attached to Lose It! and ask them to retweet it – they very well might do it.

    1. captain you make me blush. I mean you should be resting and not writing to make me blush this much. Please I must confess I may have taken that achievement too far, had an icecream twin scoop on my way back home ha… Not me on any scale anytime soon oh
      U know am staying on Lose it for maintenance and support of you my wondrous teammates 🙂

      1. You’re doing just fine – it’s okay to have some treats, just not every day at every meal! So proud of you, Ms. Supermodel. Please also give my love to that model of a kitty, Miss Ella! p.s. your three super-handsome sons got their looks from you too, I imagine? 😉

      2. You’ve seen us all right hahaha, yes for the ocassional treat which I recommend to anyone serious about losing weight… I mean even Michelle Obama advised as much… Em didn’t that cute doc Aswuldin of yours do same? Have a calm day with Lucy wagg 🙂

  2. You look great!
    I find that weight loss progress isn’t just from the scale…how do you feel? How do your clothes fit? I hear muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space. So even if the number doesn’t change much, you’re doing a lot better than you think. Keep it up!

    Shannon Richey, from my iPhone

    1. Hi Shannon, always an honour to receive my Queen on my modest hood. You are right, weight loss progress isn’t just from the scale although that’s a big conventional indicator and they don’t lie 🙂
      I feel good especially because my clothes are relaxed especially in those areas where I needed them to be like in between my tighs.
      You are also right that muscles weigh more but show off less: That was and probably is still my case – cause I guess I didn’t really look all like 115kgs and some say I should weigh in now like 70/72 cause that’s what I look like.
      This weight loss thing has and is always going to be much more about the numbers for me. I have finally lost the most weight I needed to (up there in my shaggy mind – hopefully for ever), and although my numbers don’t read 70… I feel great as is and will comfortably stay at 75kgs for my health and etc sake. Cheers to us all

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