Please… Don’t take anything for granted: Be Grateful

I am grateful to be able to read and write each day
I am grateful to be able to read and write each day

Hello World, when I left my home this morning, I already had ideas for a blog post in my head to publish before I started my day… I left early and beat the traffic and got to the office before everone else: oops one problem – I don’t have the key – and so I sat me down to continue reading from my kindle… By the time the office was finally opened it was  8:30 am- the were simply no time to put those ideas on my computer.

13:00-  It’s lunch time now but am not going out for lunch – because I want to at least do a blog even if not as I had planned… and this ties in line with the title of my blog – really let’s not take things for granted and be grateful for the chances we have…

I finished reading Malala Yousafzai‘s poignant memoir on Friday and I realized there is so much we might be taking for granted in some parts of the world, while others are don’t even dare look forward to them;

I started reading Cortland Pfeiffer’s Taking the Mask off and realized how valuable our sanity and in-sanity is although we may sometimes take any or either of them for granted;

Here I am who wanted to blog this morning and I couldn’t… after a little whinning; I realized I should be grateful for even being able to read and write – I remember when I could blog twice a day, read several other blogs, write a book in between, and go to school etc;

Just when I was musing for the upteenth time about my present ‘situation’… I just started to do the opposite and started to count my blessings including and most especially being reunited with my sons in our own Home;

It could sure get better… It definitely could have been worse PERIOD… I know and own my story and no one else can convince me otherwise mindful of all the tremendous unconditional love, support and even lessons I have received and learned;


Have a nice week everybody and hope this inspires and motivates all who hop by 🙂


13 thoughts on “Please… Don’t take anything for granted: Be Grateful”

  1. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! thank you for this! It was just what I needed to wake up to, especially when it has otherwise been dread and the Chump in Chief to be! Thank you again, Marie. I shall remember that it is “Gratefulness that makes you happy!” Love you! Pam

    PS I hope you be banging on that visa-granting office door soon, so I can see you next summer… Any month of your choosing, my dear!

      1. Linda I literally fought to do this post and I wished it warmed up even just 1 person… it has already attracted 4 likes and 2 comments… say am blessed oh my

      2. I will try my best to make it next year. I really thought I could do it last year or this year, but first I was sick and since then we have had too much going on.

        However, sometime in 2017, I think it’s September, my husband is going to a big veterans thing back east where he has been invited to give the opening prayer (he is a Vietnam combat veteran and a chaplain). I plan to go with him, as I have family back that way I long to see, my aunt, a cousin, a son, two grown granddaughters, a great grandson, and my friend Pammy.

        I will know not to bring our dogs to your place, of course. The little poodle is a gentleman but he is now inseparable from the new dog I found abandoned on the streets last July, and she does not know how to behave. She thinks she is a puppy still and will want to sit in your lap… But she is a 60 pound Boxer-Pit Bull mix! She looks a bit frightening but she is as sweet as a lamb. No worries though, I will leave my fur babies with my dog-loving stepdaughter. 🙂

    1. Sweet Pammy, thus you’ll always be to me. It’s been so long you left a comment on my blog;;; This is so warm and am glad I didn’t go off for lunch so I could write this post…
      Now as for your PS: Do you really think I should look forward to braving an interview both at the Embassy if and when I finally get an interview date, and also on arrival? Am a bit apprehensive if not disillusioned by the current state of affairs in that country and who is gonna be your next president. I simply and frankly can’t tell you now my sweet Pammy if I’ll be up to that… I wish you could be the one coming… Let’s just stay us in peace, love and gratitude all the way right dear? 🙂

      1. Dearest Marie,

        OH OH OH, I am so very sorry to have been so insensitive…It just did not occur to me that this idiot in chief to be would actually threaten even visitors to MY HOME..Oh my dear, Oh my dearest dear…Yes, of course, I absolutely understand. And I would NEVER want you to undergo any such questioning or threats or trauma. NEVER…Oh no…This is so shitty! But you are young and you know what? So am I! We can wait for another visit here. Now then, how about that idea of…Me being the one coming…What about that? Would it be possible? I am just thinking a loud, but it is not beyond MY realm of possibility. What would YOU think??? Should we discuss it? Or leave that alone too? Love you, whatever you say! And so glad you told me how you felt sweetie, Love you,


      2. Sweet Pammy, you’ll always be my sweet Pammy cause you made me come to that America barely a year after I had vowed never to step foot there… then fate got me to visit you when you were at that retreat centre… Pammy you are more than a sister/mum to me and never doubt that… if I don’t immediately tell you how I feel just know I am weighing the timing and all… let’s think all the loud we can… at least the thinking is free 🙂

  2. Amen to the comments and especially to what you wrote, Marie!
    This is a great post so of course I retweeted it right away this a.m.

    I love you and believe me when I tell you that I will NOT take things for granted the way I’ve been doing – I know I’m far luckier than I realize.

    Love you, Fairy G!

    Warmest regards to ELLA as always!
    XOXO 😻
    Lady Dy

    1. Hi Captain, let me first say I had an honest discussion with Ella last night and she really has a crush on Lucy… what do we do about that? I put on the laptop and show her Lucy and she she just lies on my lap lovesick all evening 🙂
      Am glad the post and comments got thru to you… your retweets rock my world
      Tell Lucy I wish…
      loads of love to you and yours
      Fairy G

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