When No One Wanted Her

There was a girl I knew

A difficult Childhood she had

A shaggy life she led

All were getting fed up

Her mama said out you go

And I said in you come

All just hissed and sighed

What difference can you they murmured

I only know love to show

I can relate and that is it

She made some lefts and then a big right

Today she makes dem proud

Am faded in the background

I treasure the beautiful bond we share

Mama is how she calls me

Ain’t that worth every pound of gold?

Ah there goes human nature

Flashbacks I will always have

To that time when no one wanted her…

P.S: This poem is just my raw feelings today… Six awesome and challenging years we spent until I left for me… My baby girl gets married tomorrow…I am so grateful to my Almighty Father and to all who have stood by my in whatever way…

P.P.S: hmm just two days ago another ‘broken angel’ came to my door…


4 thoughts on “When No One Wanted Her”

  1. You’re an amazing poet, Lady M. I’m so embarrassed to ask you this, but I thought you had 3 sons but no daughters – tell me more about your baby girl, and most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS honey!
    Will email you soon.
    Love you Marie! 💞

    1. One of those talents I have discovered my dear fair lady… so grateful to share my soul signatures…. I read a few of yours too and if only you’ll dare to flow more you’ll be amazed at yourself 🙂

  2. p.s. I read your poem a few more times, and realize you explained your baby girl in the poem, but I guess I want to know a little more! I’m slow today!!!!

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