Doing all it takes to stay afloat

On TV last Friday morning, doing one of things I love doing, inspiring others with my whole being
On TV last Friday morning, doing one of things I love doing, inspiring others with my whole being

BS: This post was written as a guest blog for some multi blogger platform which threw open invitations out – well they said not all submissions were gonna be published and it was to run only for November… Although my submission was never formally rejected … at least it logically never made it to their publish button… So since I have a publish button too at my disposal, I do that HERE ON MY OWN BLOG… so regaliously (hoping this is an english word) 🙂

I remember when as a toddler I really had no big issues to worry about, I was afloat and was actually known as the ‘go lucky rosy girl’. You can imagine who goes by such a nickname huh! I say big issues because I did have some which I kept all to myself in my mind and matter. Although I was considered a lucky kid whose dad ‘loved’ her above all her siblings, and bought her books and more than she wanted, needed or even asked for, deep within me I was sad because I felt I had no relationship with either of my parents. I mean as a kid, my mum had to knock neighbours’ doors at sunset to find me. As a teenage when rebellion had kicked in full swing, I oscillated between their homes, never feeling at home in any of them. Life was already kicking me by then and my relationships with the opposite sex were becoming more of an embarrassment than otherwise. To make sad matters most miserable, I decided to ignore my parents warning and coax a guy into marrying me – I thought having my own home was going to keep me afloat.

It turned out quick downhill from there! I engaged in impulsive, compulsive and obsessive behaviour – too much for me to keep living, I picked up a knife. But no it wasn’t to be, I packed up and left the marriage and my kids behind. I started globe trotting, hoping to finally find some place where I could settle down and keep afloat…Nada

Four years latter, I finished my running away cycle and returned home the prodigal daughter. It was time to face the mirror, It was time to be a mum to those 3 innocent boys who never asked to be born in the first place. It was time to deal and heal from a messed up mind and past which was threatening to ruin my future. I just had to do all it took to stay afloat. In the healing journey which had actually begun when I started roaming around, I had come to discover myself, embrace and accept myself just as I was, and forgive myself too. I let go of my past, the hurts and all, I made peace with God and Man. It’s now a do all I can and should to stay afloat. No more regrets, I feel am afloat for real – no more fear of sinking!I am so Grateful to be alive and keep counting the bonus years I have with reverence… I am determined to do all it really takes to stay afloat.


8 thoughts on “Doing all it takes to stay afloat”

    1. Aww thanks for the comment Bradley… I think am still searching actually, just in the right direction now and with the right tool kit if you get me… It is a moment by moment soul searching struggle 🙂

  1. You are my beautiful, wise dolphin, staying afloat and enjoying life and your family again! I agree with our Lose It! team member Bradley’s comment.

    I’m thrilled you were able to be the true Lady M that you were meant to be, and you’re a huge inspiration. You have passion, humor and intelligence, and these three attributes are the bedrock of your wonderful self.

    p.s. I got your latest email and I promise you I will reply soon! XoXoXoXo

    1. Captain, thanks for the beautiful comment. You see I posted this post here as a way to deal with the embarrassment of my submission not being accepted/published on that platform… I thought it was inspiring enough… So well I’ll take my inspiration elsewhere and here was where I knew I could fear no rejection 🙂
      Indeed, am glad to be around this merry me and even new me… Am actually replying to your comment from a TV house where am invited to talk about one huge project am part of somehow
      Loads of love and thanks once more for all
      Post comment: I initially was resisting Ella sleeping in my room on my rug until I gave in last night. Glad she didn’t climb on my bed… Should I anticipate that happening captain?

      1. So proud of you – never mind those people who didn’t accept your post, it’s their loss (and their readers!) – As for Ella wanting to go on your bed, I’m not cat-wise, but I have a feeling she might! 😉 Xo

      2. Like your darling daughter once said right? hmm as for Ella – she is now a madam oh, my room ain’t even good enough for her, she actually sneaked out of the house last night through the window and couldn’t or didn’t want to get in – I dunno – so it was this 4.30 am as I opened to go for sports that she came back in 🙂

  2. Yes, Marie, though my life has been very different i know the feeling of finally coming home…and caliming down, oddly enough. It may be a bit different for me, but maybe not so very. I do not have three lovely lorn boys to care for, but you know, i have so many friends i need to care for better than i have been able to all these years…and more to make and so much to do! Life is so very short, no time for regrets, even after the regretting and wild oats sown. We just get back up and turn the page and say, time for a new one, a new day. Im gonna make it a good one, cuz it might be my last!

    Love ya,


    1. Sweet sweet Pammy,

      I so love all you write. Am so happy you relate and at at peace with you. Am I to repeat how lucky I feel to part of those friends of yours? You probably don’t know what it means to me…

      Life indeed is so short and all we have is the now… Not tomorrow, no longer yesterday… Let’s really try to make our best out of our NOW

      Loads of love Now and always

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