When I am passionate about something, I say and show it: Haters can go to Hell

Dear World, something is coming up in my city next Friday the 16th and am super excited about it. I got so passionate and when I was contacted to find out if I could graciously go on TV and promote the event, I said yes – I mean this is the first of its kind I am hearing about in this country, I am a returnee and oh am excited to go on a red carpet and dance all night long 🙂

So let me promote it here again – maybe even only for the haters I have so far ignored:

THE RETURNEES – INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING CONFERENCE AND GALA : Friday December 16th 2016 : St John’s Plaza Bonapriso

LIVE TV COVERAGE – RED CARPET GALA – www.thereturnees54.com

Tickets available in Douala 699-989-474 and Buea 694-232-409

A 12 hour networking and gala night in the affluent city of Bonapriso, Douala, Cameroon that will bring together a selected network of doers within the Cameroonian community at home and abroad through The Returnees Project umbrella.The Returnees project is aimed at unifying the nation’s human and capital resources on a platform that will easily be accessible for all. The team has brought together entrepreneurs, investors, educationists, leaders and passionists in several disciplines who are committing to exchange and share thoughts, ideas and network for the betterment of their respective communities and/or operations.
This special night will be graced by music artists, comedy artists, motivational speakers, seasoned entrepreneurs, investor groups and leading patrons in several disciplines who will come to exchange resources with all present.

Before posting what one hater wrote on my facebook, let me post what the Returnee team wrote on my facebook… I don’t even know the lady who created the project and have never spoken to her, but come on I love her project:

“We from the Returnees Team are happy to share this passion with you and thanx again for representing US on TV Marie Abanga Marie A Abanga Dec 16th is definitely a Rendez vous not to miss!!!!!!”

And now what one of those haters wrote if I can find it: – it was in French: – ok the network isn’t good for me to search well…

She wrote like ‘You are too old to be excited like a high school kid’ hmm, I don’t even know her and I think maybe she’s one of those stray miserable stalkers or what generous empathetic phrase can I use?

Anyway, am just sharing my newest passion via my blog and just felt like adding that stuff about haters… I really don’t have time for them… never have had to deal with anyone of them either here on my blog or any social media platforms… but I have read of their harassment of others to the point of some blogs being taken down… so if you are a hater or potential hater and do read this post, please know I wounldn’t give you any more of my precious time than I have done on this post… any hateful comments I will just delete as usual and move on…

Thanks all for reading and have a nice weekend… do you have some tips for dealing with haters?

Dear Hater, dear you who will be in Cameroon around then, why not call and get yours?
Dear Hater, dear you who will be in Cameroon around then, why not call and get yours?


10 thoughts on “When I am passionate about something, I say and show it: Haters can go to Hell”

    1. Thanks for your comment Bradley, I really do ignore them but just thought to share this little one… It’s sad some get their thills from working to bring others down to their misery levels…
      Have a warm weekend

  1. Hi Marie,

    Wow! What a fantastic event and I’m so happy you’ll be attending. Go and do your stuff lady. 🙂 Good for you. If I was there, I would definitely go with you.

    Anyway, in terms of haters. They need to get a life. People who do that have issues with their own lives and instead of sorting out their problems, they pick on others. Bullys are nothing more than cowards. Just pray for them and ignore their comments. It’s directed to them, so let it float over you. They need help.

    Have a blessed weekend. x

    1. Thanks for your comments dear Junie, thanks for your exciting. Oh am gonna have fun and learn lots too, I mean I have nothing to waste on haters… it was fun sharing that aside to actually shame them to it publicly…
      Wish you a splendid and gracious week

  2. This sounds SOOOOO exciting, Marie!!!
    You will be fantastic!!!!
    That hater sounded so pathetic and jealous!

    My advice is just to ignore it and move on. Here’s what helped me: believe it or not: Try not to read the whole comment.When I got a bunch of hater comments my Huffington post article about ECT, I could tell by the first line if it was a hater and I didn’t look at it. I couldn’t take it down, due to how their set-up was, but I was able to be very disciplined and avert my eyes!) If someone leaves a hater comment on my blog I can delete it.

    Don’t worry about these dumb haters!!!!! You’re a shining star!
    So proud of you!

  3. Dear Marie,

    I am very late getting to this post, and i cant do anything about it now, though i do know you enjoyed your Returnee Gala! But about that hater thing? You know, i believe they are just envious of your enthusiasm and excitement…that is all. They feel all dried up and tired and just well, prune-like, ya know? Old before their time, so even should they be younger than you are, they want to spoil your joy and ebullience in life because they are themselves soured on everything. Maybe they are physically ill or mentally “challenged” in some fashion that causes them to have this dog-in-the-manger attitude, but the thing to remember is: it is THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS. Truly, truly, truly. Remember this. The hatred and envy and bitterness that rang out in that person’s mean comment to you was her problem, and her pain only…it should never have become anything to you at all. Why and how could it?

    Seriously…how can that stranger’s bitterness in life make you
    FEEL differently about what you are doing? I know it seems an old and easy thing to say that you are givng her way too much power over you. But indeed, why allow the feelings of anyone at all to change YOUR feelings ever? Because you cannot change their feelings…you cannot. Only they can change their feelings. This is so very true, but we persist in believing that others have power over us to change our feelings when only WE can change them, only our brains can change our own feelings about the world and other people and ourselves…so that is why i say that hater’s feelings should never have any power over your feelings about what you do…

    But even more important is to remember that she is envious of your joy, and probably wants to feel that way herself! Think of that, rather than being deflated by her bitter mean words. (I am 64, an old lady, and still feel and sound like a 10 year old in my excitement…and i refuse to let those mean-spirited downers deprive me of my child-like exuberance!)

    So let’s not let anyone stop us from being joyful and happy, when we can be, because fhe world is full of people who want “sad sacks” and to bring us down to “reality” but i say we need many more like you who can still feel and remember that child-like enthusiasm and joy and pleasure!!,

    Go for it!!!


    1. Oh Pammy, Thank you… thank you for writing all this… oh for sure I got over it as quick as I typed it down… was actually sharing it shame all those haters out here… maybe I don’t know how someone could waste their energy hating… and yes the more I think about it, the more I revel in my childlike attitudes and all… please sweet Pammy when next do I read from you on that our project?

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