What happened this weekend

Well, on Friday, as I had earlier blogged about, I passionately attended the Returnee networking and gala night. I learnt so much, I met some amazing people and heard some incredible grass to grace stories. One of them, Dr Nick Ngwanyam, a former miserable civil servant now Founder and CEO of the St Louis University in Bamenda, moved me with his journey. He told us he attended primary school bare feet, some days barely having enough to eat. Just look at him now, of course I had to meet him and will be visiting his University soon…

And this is the magic Miranda Oben who founded this project and built a modest team of 5 to start off with… Of course am in that team for 2017…

On Saturday by 10 am, I was on my way to the end of year staff assembly at the university Institute where I lecture… I was tired but looking forward to the event… And I dared to go up to the Founder and greet him and told him mum said he was her teacher at the university several years back… He remembered his intelligent student and was glad I now gave lecturers in his own university… He literally said they weren’t letting me go anytime soon

And am in class now, waiting for my students to show up for our last class before the break… These group  warm me up though they are often as early as black man time permits… They are organizing and end of year cocktail and I am invited… I actually contributed the full amount of 2000 frs regardless of their protest…

And oh lest I forget, yesterday evening I had a 45 mins Skype chat with one I call my boss, sharing my homecoming journey in all candidness… She is relocated to SA after 20 years in Austria, and she has launched a Follow Me to Africa Academy … And so much so much more. She is collecting homecoming stories and creating a database of homecoming experts ha

The boys are fine and so is Ella… Just discovered this morning she can scale up and down my entire window… How time flies

Miss Ella for our oh and aw…

Happy Sunday us all


6 thoughts on “What happened this weekend”

  1. I love all the photos, you look absolutely stunning in that black dress, and WOW – what an action-packed, impressive weekend! I’ve NEVER had such an incredible weekend like that! You certainly got the most of it by interacting with such accomplished and inspiring people.

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t know that you lectured at the university institute. I’m even more impressed now with you! Didn’t that that was even possible… And as for Ella, the wonder kitty who scales windows, well, who knows what she’ll do next???? Maybe teach at the university too! 😉

    1. Haha Lady, wait for the post on yesterday itself at school and thereafter. I couldn’t even wake up early enough today to do sports, I was so tired and well had to rush out early to beat the traffic and hug mum a happy birthday before going to my own office – at the law firm hahaha
      I also look at myself in the mirror too in amazement and I ask that reflection if she’s the one doing all those stuffs I write about. I just wish I could start a cleaning job, a catering service, a nursery school or a group home… Talk of several passions huh 🙂
      Ella is another one altogether, she reminds me of my own childhood… say like attracts like? what would I have done with a mellow or moody pet?
      Have a great week

      1. you’re welcome mam i had no other words to describe the amazing post i just read
        🙂 happy to find the blog you write

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