For the sake of peace: Should that be one way?

This is a short vent, although I think many will relate.

What do you do when you are advised to ‘shove’ it for the sake of peace?

How do you feel if it is almost always you who gets that request and hardly ever the other party?

How do you suck it in when you know given the reverse you will not have acted that way?

Do you think it is worth a little bit more effort at communication with someone who can easily be triggered by something you may even find trivial?

Really, for the sake of peace, shouldn’t it be a two way traffic?

Why the constant wanting to invalidate people with a fragile mental health, knowing fully well their ‘delicate and sensitive and sometimes over analytical minds’ will not process a situation and scenario just as easily as you will?

And to crown it all, should it be by force?

Ah, sometimes I really get overwhelmed, tired and depressed especially thinking of where my stress comes from – which can be external or internal

Now I feel better… thanks whoever stops by and maybe leaves a comment


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