Why Do people say you have changed?


Hello world, new year new fuel… and I mean blogging fuel hopefully. I am not ‘pumped’ up in that high kind of way, but I am hoping to blog more, especially ‘coaching’ kind of content to help us all… as usual I get to use more from personal experience than from anywhere else… So, let’s get going, hoping we all are starting off this new year ‘pumped’ up to be better versions of ourselves…

You have changed

That was something an aunty kept saying to me when I came back to Cameroon last year – relocated to start all over again with my 3 boys… Now, as if making that decision to relocate to my country without any financial luggage was not hard enough, I had to start worrying 1) if the change she was remarking about was good or bad change, and 2) what could have caused that change, and 3) what I was to do with that change. The above caption which I stumbled across on facebook last December caught my attention and got me thinking and deciding to share my reflections here on my blog. 

Yes I have sure changed, I love this change and so it is…

I left this country – the real word should be I fled this country in May 20111 an emotional mess to put it that simple. My weight had dropped significantly from the shameful 115kgs of 2009 to something between 80/75 kgs and so I wasn’t weighed down by any physical mass to be candid. I still wanted to shed a few kilos but above all I need to HEAL emotionally, spiritually and even professionally. Fast forward 5 years later: I am emotionally whole, spiritually grounded, professionally on a path I love and am working hard for and I have lost the kilos I still wanted to lose. So Yes YES (as my favorite Lisa Nichols teaches), I have changed and for all purposes it is good change.

What caused the change… and keeps causing the change

I can now honestly say the change was caused both by what I went through, and what I learnt through it all. The bonus was what I let myself make of it all because that had an impact in how I let myself handle the change. That’s what I’ll look at next. For here, I had been hurt so much in life by my circumstances and my own doing and undoing, I could only but try to get the message out of all that mess and let that message change me for the better. I had to let go of all the hurt because if I hung on to it, I couldn’t change genuinely and completely. I also started paying more attention to the life’s lessons, learning a lot from others – so many inspirational and motivational great people out there. I still do and have no regrets that I’ll rather spend my time listening to life changing you tubes and reading positive material than going out on social functions. 

What I am doing with this change

Now, I simply can’t change and keep all that to myself… that’s just not me. Simply put, I am working towards becoming an emotional and wellbeing coach and I am beginning to realize my story is the main capital I am going to ever use to help others in their own change journey. This is what I am doing with this change and I am so grateful to be able to use my change journey and story to help inspire and motivate others. To me, the change means the world to me because I can help others with story.

My reach out to us all

Life is so full of twists and turns… so much hurt amidst the joys… and yet we can change… we can embrace that change, and we can find it so fulfiling if we help others too… Please, we don’t have to fear change unless we are comfortable with life as is and that I doubt. We are here for each other, at least I think many of us are… let’s share our journies and help each other out the best we can…

Peace, Love and Abundant positive change in this new year



7 thoughts on “Why Do people say you have changed?”

  1. Yes! Change is a beautiful thing! Our sisters and brothers are such great resources for us when it comes to lessons, thank you for sharing your story and for being a teacher to me 🙂

    1. Dear Ngumabi, thanks for your comments. Indeed change is the only constant, and if we feel it positive then wow wow wow yes we have to strive to keep moving in that direction. All the best to you too

  2. An ounce of action is better than tons of fears.If you don’t remove bad grains from your company, you won’t grow my dear. This change I so love and want to have so I can do the right things always irrespective of circumstances. Happy New Year. So are we ready for the passionate women of faith journey?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment dear Amy, you know how much Faith I have in you. I am nurturing my faith in that project, My Lord will tell me when it’s time to move on with that… You know we are together 🙂

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