Tell: How was your kick off?

That was 45 mins into the early am of Jan 01, 2017
That was 45 mins into the early am of Jan 01, 2017

Hello world: So, so far how far as we say in my country? Another new year has upped and met us, and sure we kicked it off differently. So, while I ask and even beg of you who hop by to tell us in the comments how you kicked it off this new year, let me share my own story and the why behind that tough kick 🙂

Robin Sharma’s Predictions

Truth be told, I love reading and listening to all these motivational and transformational Gurus (yes the likes of Les Brown, via Lisa Nichols to Ekhart Tolle); and I take their predictions for mini gospel.

I got an email with Robin Sharma’s predictions for 2017 and this is a summary:

“It’s vastly important that you start the next 30 days with deep focus, high passion and great game.

The way you begin 2017 will set up how brilliantly you live it.

So definitely make a few new decisions and steps to get the new results and dreams you want to experience over the next 12 months.

Nothing happens until you move Marie”. 

Although I had made up my mind the day before to work out on the 1st of January especially as I was going to do that on my mum’s indoor bike, I had already on waking up started to find excuses not to. I told myself I had done another 45 minutes just on the day before and my muscles ached, that the midnight fireworks had disrupted my sleep and my brain needed more rest… But then, I read his email and I got up, dressed up and sat on that bike – which as many will agree is not the best of work out friendly apparatus around 🙂

Anyway, glad I pesevered cause 45 minutes later I could smile and even be happy with myself. That was my impressive kick – off…

Are kick offs that important?

I am no football fan but I know about the kick off ritual. I just don’t know for sure the exact pscycho-logic behind kick offs. But, as we are having them and loving them, it probably means they are a good thing. Maybe the way the kick off sets the tempo impacts the game? Anyway, I am looking forward to a great year and am gonna strive to stick to some wise predictions like Robin Sharma’s above…

And now over to you my gentle readers and followers? How did you kick off this new year and why? Thanks for sharing


5 thoughts on “Tell: How was your kick off?”

  1. HI Marie, Indeed I kicked off the year with all sorts of commitments to get healthy like diet and exercise, but I really have done little in that regard except what PLEASES ME and gives me JOY…which is ART. So in that respect I did a portrait of myself with a paint brush, and a TRUMP THRONE, i.e. a royal red toilet with a golden toilet seat, which I shall soon post both on my WAGBlog and on E-bay for sale, and I also started a FB page called, Wear a Headscarf on January 20th in Solidarity with our Muslim Sisters…This is an anti-bigotry site that anyone can find by looking for that title on Facebook, if any of your readers from the USA are interested. In terms of Art, I also got into making all sorts of things from gourds, three of which I purchased at the market in the summer, and finally have been able to clean and cut open and am now just figuring out what to do with. Gourds are wonderful and i think that this world-wide, millennia-old form of art is my newest fascination! Thank you for asking this question, as it was fun to answer . It certainly made me think! Love, Pammy

    1. Pammy, this is the whole point now. Just some fun while doing stuffs at least pushing ourselves even just one moment longer. It’s so cool your portrait with a paintbrush. I wish I could feel it with my fingers. As for Trump’s Throne hahaha, you are a number… Keep doing it then and the year will hopefully roll off with less ‘mishaps’ than the last year 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Marie. It’s always great when we say no to excuses and do what we have to do. Thinking about the rewards and satisfaction that completing a difficulty activity brings is a great motivator. 😊

    1. Timi dear, you can say that again. It ties in with this other notion of having the end in mind right? Sometimes it’s really so tough and the efforts are equally worth the satisfaction, but generally hmm if we strive until we finish oh my yes it’s awesome. Here’s to a great year for us all Aymen

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