Don’t worry, be happy!

I am that friend my Precious Pammy mentions. Yes sometimes life works us up and then the mind and body pays the toll. It’s a learning process and I can’t ever thank my angels enough for leading me to my Precious Pammy. Hope her post helps someone out there.

WAGblog: Dum Spiro Spero

Recently a friend wrote to me that she was exhausted with worry about whether the future would work out as she wanted it to. She has many concerns and young sons to generate a lot of worries, so i sympathize completely. Nevertheless, this is what i wrote to her and more…

Remember that there are plenty of futures out there and we have absolutely no way of knowing which one will come to us as the present, not until it is the present. So you can spend your time worrying in the present about a future you cannot change by worrying about it (can you?) or you can choose to ENJOY THE FUTURE now by assuming that it will all work out beautifully. That means of course, that freed from worrying about a disastrous outcome, you will enjoy the present, too. Yes, it is possible that what comes will bring…

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5 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be happy!”

      1. Easier said than done Vishal, but the important point here in my modest opinion is to often think of what we know to be true… Life itself is but a fleeting moment 🙂

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