Listen to your body and nurture it to spare you some…


Dear World,

Last week I returned from work one day and suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired. The kind of tiredness I felt was far from my normal. I got alarmed and decided to let a few friends know I could be on my way out at that rate. I mean I couldn’t even leave my room – my bed actually, and I had to be fed right there. A small meal took like for ever and once I drank the milk I slept for 9 straight hours. I woke up the next morning feeling better although my eyes hurt like I had over slept and my head was just calming down.

My friends advised me to rest – a lot – and that’s what I did the very next day – all day I took it at my pace and fed my body some healthy stuffs. I didn’t go into town to sit for 8 – 10 hours working away at the frantic pace I had somehow in retrospect picked up and was even proud of. I usually work hard, even sports is no joking business. But there is only so much the body can take, and as one of my friends pointed out, you can’t twist a 38 year old brain and body like you were 18. Let your size not fool you she added. I gladly re-tweeted a tweet from Ms Marala Scot an American best selling author which says: ‘Your body is not your enemy listen to it’.


I have known that the body deserves breaks, I have just often thought we are masters and the body servants. It seems that’s a selfish way to look at it right? I keep learning it the hard way. It is not right, we can’t seem to want to play power tussle even with our own body and brain – makes no sense.

Sometimes, our to do list is simply overflowing and we feel like all the energy is there anyway. Yet, if we know ourselves and listen to our bodies, we could get to spare ourselves some headaches and heartaches. No doubt high blood pressure is said to be the silent killer. And when death does come, what will happen to that over stimulating to do list anyway? Maybe read out at your requiem or something?

Therefore my dear e-family, although it is good and even commendable to be ambitious and even audaciously daring, you need to listen to the body you are relying on!

Have you had any such experience with your bodies you would like to share ? How do you nurture your body ?



6 thoughts on “Listen to your body and nurture it to spare you some…”

  1. Dear Marie

    I am very late in getting to your blog so I started here and am replying forward towards the latest post…

    What do I do to nurture my body?? My oh my that is such a question!!! For years I refused to even think about nourishment at all in any fashion — with the result that after 30 years of terrible eating and B12 deficiency I had peripheral neuropathy and other problems that could have been easily avoided with nutrition! I also had tooth decay like you would not believe…now I care more and I think about what I eat but do not go overboard either … I think moderation is a good thing in terms of what people eat — overdoing anything in nutritional terms tends to be what does us in. I need to get more regular exercise but I hate exercise for it’s own sake so I am building things from wood without using any powered tools only muscle power, and already I can feel my arms growing stronger!! That is what I call “good exercise”! Walking when spring arrives will also help … I try not to overdo anything any more but one place I am not do good at it is sleeping: there I have trouble regulating where and when I sleep.., I always sleep at the wrong time or in the wrong place!!! I hate sleeping because it causes so much conflict and nightmares!

    Anyhow thanks for listening to this boring answer to your question!!! It made me think that maybe I need to decide how I should truly nurture my body not just half heartedly do so xxx

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