Erico the ‘So called Fool’ My Hero P2

With my star at the lake.JPG
Erico and I by the infamous Lake Nyos – Wum

Hello world, I met Erico during my last trip to Wum in the North West Region of Cameroon, and made him my Hero for my short stay there. That sub division made international headlines in August 1986 when the lake Nyos erupted killing over 1700 people and so much livestock… I wanted to go see that lake and gladly Erico knew just how we could get there. He negotiated for motor bikes to take us there and back. So this is the ‘so called Fool’ right?

Erico showed me round the market and took me to his grandmum’s stall. He had already been there when he showered and wore his Jersey, and had told all who cared to ask that he had a new friend called Marie from Douala – who had bought his nice jersey earlier on. His grandmum gave me some groundnuts in appreciation, and I was so touched. All the neighbours smiled at us that day and Erico was visibly proud of himself. I wish he keeps his glow mindful of the challenges he has to overcome daily.

Erico visibly so happy during the wake keeping ceremony

Erico did keep his glow for all my stay there. During the wake keeping ceremony, he actually danced when I asked me to show me his styles. You see the guy behind Erico, that is Tangatapan another mentally challenged. He had been dancing to any music played since I got there but he preferred to keep to himself and barely answered my greetings. Erico had earlier made fun of his dancing and so had to show me how much better he could dance. Another thing is that Tangatapan refused to share a meal with Erico and Ndolo, insisting on wanting his own pan. Maybe that’s why there’s a pan to his name? Anyway, Erico did eat with Ndolo just like he had eaten with me that afternoon, and as I said he sounded so wiser than his age nor circumstances.


5 thoughts on “Erico the ‘So called Fool’ My Hero P2”

  1. This is an interesting story Marie. Sounds like you had a good time on your visit. Why is he called a ‘Fool?’ Was it cold the day you visited the seaside? It looks a little grey.

    It’s nice to be able to travel and meet different types of people.

    Enjoy the rest of the week. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Junie. Yes interesting can usually come up when and where least expected right? He is called a fool because he is mentally challenged. He doesn’t behave ‘normally’; doesn’t seem to be going to any school, doesn’t know his age if it’s 17 or 20 years, and doesn’t bathe regularly etc. The area I went to has one of those cold climates where winter jackets are even worn in the evenings that’s why it looks grey and I had a pullover on all the time. It is nice I agree, but there is another side to all that travelling. Your routine gets interrupted and you have to get back on which for me is sometimes a big struggle. Thanks once more for stopping by.

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