Watch “Shit happens. Clean it up and move on! | Beatrice Achaleke | TEDxKlagenfurt” on YouTube

Beatrice is my heroine, my mentor, my boss from my day zero here on earth. No matter how long we stay without talking to or seeing each other, when we do it’s a bam.

Am still planning my trip to J’bourg.

Who is following Us to Africa? 

Who is giving themselves unapologetic permission to clean the shit that happens in their lives?

Kindly leave some insight here or on the clip, you never can tell who’s gonna be helped by your comment.

Have a great Sunday my e-family…


2 thoughts on “Watch “Shit happens. Clean it up and move on! | Beatrice Achaleke | TEDxKlagenfurt” on YouTube”

  1. Omg Marie this talk is was brilliant and just what I needed today…do you know that I become completely suicidal whenever I go a month unable to do artwork? Yet this amazing friend of yours, and her talk finally got it thru my head: as long as you hold something in your hand u cannot pick up something else. Let it go so you are free to take up something new !! My God who’d a thunk? But of course there is plenty I could do even if I lost my ability to do art…why would I ever kill myself just because that chapter of my life came to a close? It would only mean one thing: I am FREE to pick up any number of new things to pursue!!! What joy! What an astonishing insight I was too frightened before to understand….there is no loss in life really, only gains and changes…love you, pammy

    1. Oh Pammy I so love when my posts resonate with someone. Thanks so much for all the thoughtful comments. Yes, we have so many options in life and it’s our choice really to take a chance if we expect any change.

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