When my routine gets interrupted… I really struggle


Hello world, glad I am really getting to know myself and can anticipate what may come if I do certain things, or if certain unplanned stuffs are sent my way.

You see, for a pretty many years now, I have functioned by routine. I mean those close to me know how I like to plan everything and log them in my todoist, google calendar or even on post its. Then my brain loves to log out between 8:30/9 pm and up on its own between 3.30-4 am. That’s how routine I am. Then there is the time for this, and time for that all stored in my internal memory. Once that routine gets interrupted I struggle to get back with almost sometimes big efforts near exasperation.


Last week I was trying once again to get back to my normal routine and self because I had spent the week before that on the road tavelling to one burial after the other. I therefore missed out on sleep as schedule, on sports and even eating what and when planned. I also realized on my return I had lost my work grove. Last week I started on monday with a 30 minute workout, doing only 2/3 of what I normally do because I was listening to my body. I tried to catch up the sleep I missed but I just couldn’t because I’ll feel so clumpsy when I ‘over sleep’. I actually did really over sleep thursday morning and got up at 6.15 am and the boys were not ready for school, the house a mess, and I was weary before I even started anything. Save for the Grace of God I didn’t lash them and I really tried to calmly pull it all together.

I have struggled to get my work ethics and groove back too, and yet it got so stretched on Tuesday and Wednesday I almost threw working away. Needed to motivate myself so much. This wasn’t helped by what I felt were last minute changes to some projects, or delays in some work and all. I fumed in me and then calmed myself down. Preferred to end the week by working from home although I also needed to be home because my last son wasn’t going to school.

I try hard to keep a calm demeanour especially at home, and so far not bad. Grateful also for meeting some awesome people on my trip like Erico who made it worthwhile. I just wish I didn’t have to struggle this hard to get back together when my routine gets interrupted cause my mental wellbeing takes such a hit and I fight not to go ‘down the black hole’!

And now over to you dear gentle readers and followers; have you ever made or had a similar experience? Any tips to share?


9 thoughts on “When my routine gets interrupted… I really struggle”

  1. Dear Marie

    I know it is bedtime for you now and I hope your day improved since you wrote me earlier … it is hard to have family sometime..we cannot choose them and we cannot get rid of them easily either.

    As to routine I have no routine at all of any sort… I think this is a problem but maybe not. I absolutely nothing on schedule unless it is another persons schedule ! Wish I could, actually have a routine of some sort but it seems impossible…

    Ah well so be it! I would rather be under- scheduled than over-scheduled frankly .dunno why but it seems easier on ones nerves…



    1. No Pammy it ain’t my bedtime yet. Yes darling am so fine now. It really boils down to which makes you function. Some I know will freak out any monotonous routines and all hahaha

      1. Dear Marie

        Ya know the weird thing is that I can do all sorts of monotonous things till the cows and sheep and goats come home!!! I don’t mind at all– so long as I can listen to music boring tasks don’t bother me in the least. But I cannot for the life of me establish a single routine in my life no matter how simple or healthy it might be… I don’t even eat or sleep or wash or ANYTHING on a routine or regular basis — I do breathe yes! Regularly thank the creator!! But aside from that necessity I cannot think of anything I do that I do routinely– I wish I could do one thing by habit or on schedule or routine but unless someone else demands it of me I just cannot!!! It is sorta weird? Maybe… might drive you crazy!!! Huh? Love, Pam

      2. Pammy, nope that wouldn’t drive me crazy hahaha. I love you so and we will make a team. I will go by routine for us both and you will be wild wild west for us both. But I also do something’s not by routine though, just have to be prepared and Ok with that. For example, coming to America was definitely going to disrupt my routine big time, so I started preparing near 6 months ahead hahaha

    1. Yes oh Timi almost back hahaha… You know how easy to break and how hard to rebuild right? Got up today at 5 .24 am zut still 1 hr or so late. But I also have to learn to adapt

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