Naming and Blaming: Could it be it starts from young?


Hello world, this is an impromtu post brought about by a recent incident in my house. This is not the first time such have happened but this time it hit me like bam, you’ve got to talk about it, teach them about it and why not throw it out on your blog for more reflections you know. And, unfortunately, if left to go on from young, it could develop into a habbit we are unfortunately even witnessing a whole President doing (let me withold his name before I am tracked down zut)

When I got back home from work this afternoon, as often my boys were having one of their times. Oh boys – those who sure have some free spirited teen boys will heave with me – yes some girls are number too (I am told none of my boys measures up to me – ha). Ok but then boys can even go physical with each other and then go play ball altogether once the winner makes it – girls am not sure we’ll ever talk to each other again if we get there…

Oh so I was saying I got home and they were all over the place… truce… you go study… you go play cause he had no homework and I don’t have no TV … so a 7 year old wouldn’t sit still and to spare distracting his brothers I have to send him for 45 mins. As soon as am into my room, he comes distracting his brothers from the window. The eldest sends him off and 20 minutes later he comes crying. He has fallen down and bruised himself, and well since he don’t like wearing a top nor even flip flops, both his chest and feet took their own marks. He screams like that’s his first or worst fall, and starts blaming his brother.

That is when it bams to me I have got to teach him and all of them something about life. He very often always names and blames either of his brothers for something and I have never really thought to teach them the lesson that you can’t live on in life naming and blaming others all the time. I mean you have to look at your own self in the mirror and assume your responsibility. In all my ‘unconventional memoirs’ and in my life, I try very hard to look at myself and face my big share of mess, blame and all…

And to think of it, if our young ones grow up thinking it’s ok to name and blame, imagine what they’ll do as adults? Even if they get into positions of leadership and responsibility – well they’ll just keep naming and blaming. I have personally recently been so alarmed by some ‘childish’ behaviour I am witnessing from a whole President of a renowned nation. Had there been none before him or were still in his thirties, well maybe that would have been understandable or overlooked. I think the blame is on the media right now and the who and who and what and …

So, does this post make sense? Any input or reflections to share?


2 thoughts on “Naming and Blaming: Could it be it starts from young?”

  1. Dear Marie,

    This is typical siblings behaviour. I had the same issues with my girls when they were teenagers. They were constantly fighting and blaming each other. Now as adults and mothers themselves, they are the best of friends. However, occasionally, they still have the odd disagreements and call me to complain about each other. I guess this behaviour continues well into adulthood. But not half as bad as when they were younger.

    You’re doing a good job of teaching them the right way to handle this situation anyway, Marie. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Junie. Oh yes you can relate. Am trying my very best by my Lord’s Grace and am so Grateful for the opportunity. I am equally learning and sharing so much in the process too. Now I even know how not to get so worked up by the quarrels and sometimes fights and to try to bring out lessons from each incident brought to my attention like yesterday’s. We parents have that moral and emotional and even psychological obligation and am taking mine very seriously

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